Monday, April 30, 2012

pets on furniture under a j. pinto

Annie is famous! I submitted her picture for this very cute blog feature, Monday's Pets on Furniture at Desire to Inspire. This is Annie's picture under our new picture!

New Picture from J Pinto

I had been hunting for a picture to hang over the sofa. My friend and I went down to Laguna Beach and trudged through all the art stores looking for the perfect fit. Laguna is famous for their galleries and is a great place to get the lay of the land regarding local artists. Do you remember my friend who has great taste? She is also my decorator consultant and helped me change the living room to be a bit more mid-century modern. We needed something about five and a half feet wide, by three feet tall. An abstract would have been perfect. We found some appropriate things, but I didn't love them or the size wouldn't work, and their prices started at $2,500 and went up to $5,500 unframed. Boo. I couldn't make that kind of commitment without getting buy off from Albert.

On a whim, I went to my VERY FAVORITE consignment store, Home Consignment Center, in Newport off of Jamboree. They were packed with stuff from all the Orange County foreclosures. Typically their art is horrid. Italian landscape oils (scenes of Tuscany for Newport Coast taste) and Impressionist prints. But low and behold, off in the corner, up high on a shelf, I spotted this gem. It is an original oil, by some artist called J. Pinto. I found references online to a J. Pinto, and the pictures in the links look kind of similar. The best part was the price. $299. The frame alone was worth $299. Do you like how it fills the space?

Before picture - fussy shelves and stuff.

Fussy, busy white shelves. 
After is much better. Please ignorethe furniture cat protection in the after picture. That is, unfortunately, the reality of pets on furniture.

There is Jack under the new picture. Pets on furniture indeed.
What exactly do you think furniture is for?


  1. I love your new picture above the sofa. Beautiful. Hey, the cat is very stylish, too!

  2. She is so stylish and thanks you very much!

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