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Welcome! I am Rebecca and have a passion for all things mid-century. In this blog, we focus on mid-century modern as well as modern homes, architecture and art.

Topics include:
My husband, Albert, and I own a mid-century modern home in Southern California. Our son, Alex, and two cats (Jack and Annie) live there too. 

This is us.

This is our house. It isn't always the focus of this blog, but it kind of started everything. This perfect little mid-century modern was in nearly pristine and original condition when we purchased it in 1997. I quickly put an end to that. I honestly didn't understand what we had bought and that it was an iconic mid-century modern ranch. Some changes I made I love, like our bathroom remodel and the landscaping changes behind the new bathrooms. And some changes I made, I really don't love. I reveal those as I change them again **sigh**.

Our house around when we closed purchase of it Nov-11-97. 

My mom, Donna Minick, inspired my hankering things towards all things mid-century modern. Read more about mom and her excellent taste.

The goal of this blog is to prevent others from making the same silly mistakes I have made over the years, to educate and explain the benefits of the mid-century modern movement, and to also provide a point-of-view as to how a homeowner can have the best of it, and abandon the worst of it. After all, we live in the 21st century, not the 20th century.

You can see an interview of me by John Young of Young Digital Group where I got to explain how I started writing midcenturymodernremodel.com.

The interview is part of a series that video series +John Young did titled 30 Day Problogger Event Interview Challenge. Young attended Problogger's Training Event in Melbourne October 2012. I attended on a virtual ticket. 

Oh, and here are the cats, Jack and Annie, who are brother and sister, adopted from kitty foster care.

Jack on the bed. He is always on the bed

Cat Annie Under Christmas Tree
Annie under the Christmas tree. Of course it is fake

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