Thursday, February 9, 2012

an incredible updated mid-century modern home in Corona del Mar

Last year, our friends remodeled their mid-century modern home. The results are truly stunning. Updates included completely revamping the galley kitchen to remove hanging cabinets over the kitchen counter and open up the kitchen to the dining and living rooms. You can see a glimpse of the house's impressive sunset view over the Pacific Ocean below.

They also re-did their interior patio and fireplace.  They added an office and laundry room in a bit of the courtyard space that was underutilized, as well as adding a stairway to connect the kitchen down to the pool which sits at a lower property elevation (their home is on a hillside).

All decor was changed from a Pottery Barn-like feel to a clean modern style. The warm nutmeg finish in the kitchen cabinets, the mod light fixtures and the CeasarStone counter top in "Blizzard" white reflect this aesthetic.

Closed in kitchen was changed to open kitchen layout.

Original layout had a fireplace in the middle of this room, but the room was too small to support it. Fireplace was moved to right wall. You can see a glimpse of hearth and mantel in the picture below.

Open layout now. 

The courtyard windows were changed to more completely open out, seamlessly bringing the outdoors indoors, which is typical in a mid-century modern.

Elegant courtyard view out to ocean sunsent.

Stairway and door added from kitchen down to pool

Solar panels added! Truly a 21st century modern now. 
 Our friends recommended their architect for our project. The pictures show why we selected him as well. Our remodel progress has been steady all month, you can see details of the project here.


  1. I am in LOVE with those windows and doors. Simply gorgeous. Let me know when they are planning to sell! :) - Nicole

  2. You have good taste Nicole and the windows are awesome.


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