Monday, April 9, 2012

lights, towel bars and wood floor repairs in mid-century modern remodel

My pictures are going to be of slightly lesser quality. I explain why here. However, they won't totally suck as I am using an iPhone 4S. Check out this picture comparison of the iPhone 4S and other phones/cameras. Amazing.

The first two bathrooms are essentially complete. We had some additional lighting finished, and also got the towel bars and toilet paper holders installed.

Master totally lit up, see the light above the vanity? And the light in the shower?

See the towel bar? Grohe Essentials.

Alex's cabinet lit up as well. Philips Alkco Tableau lights.

Close up of Grohe Essentials Towel Bar.

Goehe Essentials TP Holder.

And, there was some repair work done on the floors to fill in the gaps left by the missing floor registers; catch up on why we don't have floor registers anymore.

We had concrete poured down the heating vents to keep out dirt and critters.
I was warned by the floor repair guy that the floors wouldn't match perfectly but they would do their best. He was subsequently very happy to report that he had located the only two boxes left of our original flooring and was having them shipped. I was thrilled. Not so thrilled anymore as our floor has really yellowed over time. I wish he had just matched the color of the wood rather than working so hard to get the exact same flooring from 15 years ago. **UGH** This is the dangers of being a full time employed person vs. a full time wife (or husband to be fair) who can stay home and drive these guys deservedly crazy. Any self respecting woman would have said "WTF." But, honestly, this is the price you pay for absentee home remodeling. Sometimes you come home and the subs have simply made poor choices, and actually warned you before they did it. For some reason, the floor wasn't included in the bid (the contractor probably has been through this before). So this one is on me. Boo.

Wow, terrible and in a main trafficked area.

Pretty darn bad but under a dining room bench

This one isn't so ghastly. Why couldn't this wood have been
used somewhere more visible?

On a bright note, the third bathroom has been demo'd and is well on its way to new spa heaven. You will LUV what is going to happen in here. There are a few surprises. It won't look QUITE like the other two.

View towards the window looking into the new "guest" bath

View towards the shower of the new guest bath.

I had a shower for the very first time in Alex's bathroom when I came back from the New York trip as our bathroom was still getting the tile fixed in the master shower. There is gently blowing heat from the ceiling fan and the Grohe Rain shower head is really wonderful.

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