Wednesday, July 30, 2014

very modern: millennium park chicago; what i did on my summer vacation part 3

I know. You wish I would stop. But I can't. You see the problem is, I used to take pictures and put them in albums. Then I took pictures and made scrapbooks. When the digital age happened, I went online and made photo books.

The Bean, Chicago

I would make one for every single vacation. And then, one day, I didn't.

I still take lots of pictures. Thousands of pictures, in fact. They are on FaceBook, Instagram, my phone, my computer's hard drive, and, they are on this blog.

The Bean, Chicago

The Bean, in Chicago's Millennium Park, is downright spectacular. Its only purpose is to reflect back the beauty of the city and its visitors--in a somewhat distorted manner.

The Bean, Chicago

The sculpture is called "Cloud Gate" and is by Anish Kapoor and was constructed between 2004 and 2006. From the knower of all things, Wikpedia:
Kapoor's design was inspired by liquid mercury and the sculpture's surface reflects and distorts the city's skyline. Visitors are able to walk around and under Cloud Gate's 12-foot (3.7 m) high arch. On the underside is the "omphalos" (Greek for "navel"), a concave chamber that warps and multiplies reflections. The sculpture builds upon many of Kapoor's artistic themes, and it is popular with tourists as a photo-taking opportunity for its unique reflective properties.

 Here is the Omphalos.

The Bean, Chicago

Fun! Our next stop in Millennium Park was the lakefront, as my son wanted to see Lake Michigan.

Grant Park, Lake Michigan, Chicago

Grant Park, Lake Michigan, Chicago

Grant Park, Lake Michigan, Chicago

We happened upon a sculpture that HAS to be by Orly Genger (much Googling reveals). However, there is no mention of her creating an installation in Grant Park. But it has to be her. Or someone blatantly ripping her off.

Orly Genger Sculpture, Chicago

Orly Genger Sculpture, Chicago

Weird huh?

We wandered back to Millennium Park...through Lurie Garden.

Lurie Garden, Chicago the famous Gehry bandshell which opened in 2004. Our cousins were waiting for us there (they passed on the trek down to Lake Michigan).

Gehry, Jay Pritzker Pavilion Chicago

It is really named Jay Pritzker Pavilion after the large donation which convinced Gehry to take the commission. There was a ridiculous couple of local musicians playing head banging music, warming up for the main feature.

Gehry, Jay Pritzker Pavilion Chicago

But, a massive thunderstorm was just getting ready to unload prior to this picture being taken. Alas, the headliner lady singer didn't even get to finish her first set. We hid in the underground restrooms out of the way of the huge lightening strikes directly to the Sears Tower and several of the other beautiful buildings.

My 15-year-old son had never seen a Midwest lightning storm before. He was suitably impressed (which is saying a lot if you happen to know 15-year-old man boys). A good day--worthy of documentation. Even if it is on a medium as vast and transient as the interweb.

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  1. I've always thought that looked like such a fun place!

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