Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the punch list mid-century style

We are getting down to the nitty gritty. It is punch list time. I realized the contractor was scheduling the last of the sub appointments for this week and next, and we had to speak now or forever hold our peace. I made Albert walk through the addition on Sunday and help me make notes of all the little things. He actually got way more into it than I did, typing on his iPad enthusiastically. I finally discovered why Apple added cameras to iPads. Evernote plus iPad camera equals an amazing punch list. I found myself saying, "I can live with it" kind of a lot. You get to this point. Plus Albert is really picky, if you ask me.

Amazing Punch List

The contractor and I walked around the house this morning with me swiping through the list and him writing, and writing. I kept telling him I would email the punch list to him but he ignored me. I liked the way he handled the feedback, no nonsense, no excuses. And, at the end, he said we would do this one more time before we were finished. I like his style.

Pictures of progress -- it really all looks the same as last week, various tile cleanups, tub positioning, etc.

Bath tub sitting at the end (I can hardly wait)

Reverse view from the bathtub

We noticed that the ceiling line looked crooked ... so we requested
a re-do, always "no problem."

Tile is being reworked.  You could see the crooked line
quite well because of the "plank" style tile.

Example of punch list item: bumpy ceiling near recessed light over tub.

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