Tuesday, April 3, 2012

shower doors and paint in mid-century modern bathroom remodel

Doors are so important to the shower experience and I am happy to report we have beautiful, stunning, extra clear glass, half-inch thick shower doors. Of course they are frameless with a plain chrome handle. They swing both in and out. We also got the bathrooms painted in Benjamin Moore Super White. No kidding. I thought it would be blinding but I kind of dig it.

Modern frameless shower doors
Alex's bathroom; see the shower door and the blinding white paint?

Modern frameless shower doors
See the silver handle on the master shower?

Modern frameless shower doors
View from inside the master shower... blinding white paint on the right.

And we have light as well. Lights have been installed at the bottom of the cabinets (and work) and the lights inside the shower have been installed (and work). Not everything installed is actually working. These bathrooms are extremely complicated from a fan and light perspective and we think it is taking longer than the electrician anticipated. He has us lit up more or less, and he will come back around for the third bathroom and finish up.

Modern cabinet - under lighting
Under cabinet lighting in Alex's bathroom.

Panasonic Whisper Fan
This isn't an exciting picture but it is an overhead light in Alex's bathroom that
has a heater! No heat in his bathroom so this is the compromise.

Modern cabinet under lighting alder
You can see the under cabinet lighting in this shot.

And we have storage! Lots and lots of storage. After our teeny-tiny mid-century modern bathrooms with drawers and cabinets you couldn't open all the way because they butted up to the toilets, this is far beyond my wildest dreams.

Modern cabinet
Under cabinet storage. Yay.

Modern medicine cabinet
Medicine cabinet in master. This is my section! Glass shelves.
And another section to the left of my section for Albert. 

And finally, what is this god-awful eyesore? This is an in-wall "whisper fan" from Panasonic, designed to pull the stench from the master toilet area up and out of the bathroom. This was needed because the master shower doors go all the way to the ceiling as a "look" and therefore provide no access to window for escaping odors. Not only is the fan beige but it sticks out almost 3" from the wall. What the?

Panasonic Whisper Wall Ventilation Fan
Wow. Beige, black logo, labels all over the bottom. I could paint it and remove the labels I guess.

This is what the fan looks like on the Panasonic site below. But there are no color choices to select and clearly the fan above is not white like the fan below. The Panasonic logo is large and black as well which is pretty poor. None of the other fans have logos splatted all over them. Not a lot of choices in in-wall venting so I have a big decision to make. And my nostrils may win over my ever so fine design sensibility. What do you think about this horrible but necessary eyesore?

Panasonic Whisper Wall Ventilation Fan
Panasonic Whisper Wall Ventilation Fan

You must be wondering, "When do we move in and are they finished?" No they are not finished ... electrical needs to be completed, more painting, etc. But we do actively start using the bathrooms as tear down of the third and final bathroom starts this week!

See the final product, the mid-century modern bathrooms totally remodeled!

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  1. I'm so happy I found your blog. I have a question for you, as we are renovating our mid-century modern home (doing it ourselves, with all sorts of pains) but we need two vents for the bathrooms and I haven't been able to find anything I like. I have a butterfly roof so they go through the walls and out the side of the house. I looked at this Panasonic model but never felt "EXCITED" about any of the vents. Please, if it's not to much trouble let me know how you feel about it. Is it really quiet? Does it move enough air? Any info would be so appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    1. All the fans are Panasonic. The Panasonic wall fan I am not excited about (see above). Super ugly. It is "quiet" but you can hear it. I am not sure how much air it is moving either. Because of the wall mount, there weren't a lot of choices. In my son's bathroom (Alex) there is a fan called WhisperWarm with a light. LOVE it. I wish we had one in our bathrooms--it blows this soft warm air out. You don't have to have the heat on. It is quite neat. Okay, in the showers (contractor has commented there are a lot of fans in these bathrooms), there are the WhisperLite 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan/Light Combination. This is nice actually for the light in the shower, but they got installed in the middle of the shower. I wish they had been pushed to the far wall more. They actually drip on my head! Irritating. If you are a girl, sometimes you take a shower without washing your hair. Put hair up... The condensation forms and drips happen that I am always dodging. Big mess up and very expensive to fix. So I will be dodging the drops when I am 92. Hope that helps. AND, finally, in the middle bathroom we are working on right now, we will just have the WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan no light. The architect said the Panasonics are top of the line. I don't know. Hope that helps and good luck!!!!!!

  2. Can you tell me where you found the vanity cabinets you used for the remodel? I am hunting for some for our own MCM powder room project and just love the look of the ones you selected!

    1. Bad answer to a very good question. They are custom.


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