Sunday, March 3, 2013

mid-century thrift shop mystery: can you identify this bottle?

How about a break from our regularly scheduled #PSMW Palm Springs Modernism Week 2013 posts (only 2 more to go)? I thought I would crowdsource the identification of a mysterious bottle I purchased over the weekend.

The questions I have for the mid-century modern universe are two-fold:
  1. Who made this and approximately when?
  2. How much would you value it at?
Here are the clues:

Clue #1 Interior is white through and through. It is about 14" high, I believe. 

Clue #2 I feel the quality of the lip is poor as it is a bit uneven.

Clue #3 It came with an amber glass stopper that doesn't fit the bottle AT ALL. Bottle color is yellow amber. Glass stopper is amber.

Clue #4 Glass stopper is super cheap and bad quality with a weird poor glass indent. Very loose on bottle and can't possibly go with it. I think?

Clue #5 Glass bottle itself has noticeable bubbles left by the blowing process. Another indication of poor quality?

Clue #6 There could potentially be a maker's mark on the bottom.  Hard to see from this picture but it is like pencil indentations in a circular pattern. I can't hardly describe it.

Clue #7 Another indication of mixed quality, there are a couple of hairline fractures in the overlay glass, don't seem to go all the way through. I can't really show it in a picture, it is dead center. They are about half inch long, and there are two or three.

So what do I have? A pretty bottle? I bought it at Discovery Shop in Corona del Mar. They are a mis-placed thrift shop in kind of an upscale neighborhood. They randomly get in fairly high quality items, but generally are well aware of their value.

Punch line: they priced it at $25. So what is it? Did I over-pay (wouldn't be the first time).

Leave your answer in comments!
 I know someone in the mid-century modern
 world will know the answer to this mystery. 

Thanks for helping!

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  1. Just pretend it's a Blenko art glass decantor and enjoy it. No one will be the wiser.

    1. That is exactly what I am pretending but I know it isn't! :)

  2. I'm completely clueless, but will keep an eye out for like-items for a possible identification! :) I'm frequently out on the road thrifting it up!

  3. Maybe a Dansk, circa 90s? They do decent but not pricey cased-glass pieces. But the shape reminds me of Holmegaard, which would support the price tag.

    1. Hmmm. I don't think it is a Holmegaard but the shape is so darn close.


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