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thrift store: american cancer society discovery shop

I have been known to haunt a thrift store or two. I think the bug was instilled in me when my mom dragged me to every thrift store & antique shop in Big Bear Lake, California on a long ago vacation. It's the treasure hunt and the possibilities that I enjoy. This post is the first in a series on the local thrift shop, antique, and consignment scene in Orange County, California. By the end of the series, we should have a virtual Orange County thrift shop directory amassed.

American Cancer Society Discovery Shop
Mid-Century Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3.4)

2600 E Coast Hwy
Corona del Mar, CA 92665
(949) 640-4777

American Cancer Society Discovery Shop

Rebecca's 5 Point Rating Scale:
  • Store Size / Inventory - 2 (fairly small store, not worth a long drive)
  • Merchandise Quality  - 2 (some cool retro items, but not always consistently)
  • Organization - 5 (very organized)
  • Pricing - 3 (fairly inexpensive, but these ladies don't give it away)
  • Service - 5 (nice ladies, happy to help)
Total Rating is 3.4 (3 stars)

Link to Yelp Reviews.

Because this store is near my home, I stop in fairly frequently. The Discovery Store is run as a charitable fund raiser for the American Cancer Society, and their donors can contribute high end items to this shop. There is an assortment of clothing, but the styles tend to be on the matronly side and will be a turn off for the young folks or the young at heart. So let's focus on the stuff.

This corner shelving unit is always stock full of old crystal and glassware. You just never know. See the crystal tumblers on the bottom shelf. Very heavy and decent quality.

American Cancer Society Discovery Shop

Jim Beam bottles. Nothing wrong with that.

Jim Beam bottles
Assorted Jim Beam

In the back of the store, there is usually one or two sets of fairly decent china. Below pictures are some old Noritake. This may have been my Grandmother's pattern, coincidentally.

Noritake China
Noritake Blue Bell - I looked up this at,
prices were fair
sugar bowl
Talk about retro. Cool. sugar container.

white china
If these dishes didn't have silver on the edges, I would have bought them.
Very nice set of of white china.  Forgot to check the pattern.

Kennedy picture for sale
A Kennedy picture for $14.
And a professional photographer.

There is a goody cabinet behind the main register that contains an odd assortment of high end collectibles that the staff feels the customers shouldn't be handling directly. Worth a peek.

American Cancer Society Discovery Shop
What treasure awaits?

There is a small amount of furniture in the store. Whatever they can cram in. Sometimes fairly decent pieces.

Monitor Furniture Co. desk
Nice captain's desk in perfect condition
Monitor Furniture Co. desk
Monitor Furniture Co.
Don't know a thing about them except I found this chest on ebay.
Cool old silverplate set

Japanese table
Interesting collection of Japanese goodies
on a traditional low Japanese tea table. Good price, not cheap at $125.

Tiki bar
EXCELLENT Tiki Bar. Very retro. They want $375 for it (half off)

Tiki bar
Stools are great.

Tiki bar
Check out the metalic wallpaper shelf lining. This is very 70's.

Always have an odd assortment of pots. Usually under a table.


I got these two pots below. One of the right is an oversize turquoise Bauer for $15. SCORE.

Bauer pot
Bauer pot on the right.
 And vases of course.

flower vase
$5 vases

To fill with flowers from the local market as hostess gifts when the time comes.

flower vase

flower vase


  1. Some nice pieces and definitely a good cause!

    1. Happy Thursday Dana! It is a really good cause. And the ladies who work there and donate are so sweet. I enjoy supporting this shop.

  2. You had me at Tiki Retro Bar!! I love it. Want it. NOW.
    Looks like a great store. Can't wait to see more thrift stores in your series. x

    1. Hi Donna! No kidding. I was thinking our patio would look pretty cool with a Tiki Bar. I am Very much looking forward to this series of posts. My husband, not so much.

  3. The Bauer pot was definitely a score. But you may need to do a Mid Century Remodel to your garage for more storage room after this foray into thrift shops.

  4. Yes, I agree that this is an extremely dangerous idea.

  5. Hey, my brother lives in Big Bear! I'll have to get the names of those thrift stores when/if I go to visit him.

    Fun thrift store tour - thanks for the pics!

  6. This was years ago. I bet most of them are under new owners. Big Bear is a great place. Really charming!


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