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selling out! palm springs modernism week 2013

Palm Springs, California is considered the mother of all things (desert) mid-century modern. And Palm Springs Modernism Week 2013, held from February 14th - 24th, 2013 is an eleven day desert modernism extravaganza.
Photo courtesy of ModenrismWeek.

If 2013 is anything like 2012, tickets to the week's events will sell out quicker than you can say mid-century mid-atomic.

I'll give you four good reasons why some portion of this week is worth experiencing.

1) Bus Tours

Take a hip bus tour of the whole area. The event runs two different set of bus tours, both an Express  and a Premier, tickets run from $60/person upwards.
Photo Courtesy of ModernismWeek

2) Home Tours

Take a private guided tour of Annenberg's Sunnylands (I saw it when it had just opened to the public earlier this year). Other tours feature the Frey House II as well as Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms Estate and others. Walking tours of celebrity homes and other significant modern housing tracts start at $15/per and the private home tours can run up to $60 a ticket.
Sunnylands Photo courtesy of ModernismWeek

3) Modernism Show

How many websites have your poured over looking for furniture and accessories for your mid-century modern home? Well my frustrated decorista, look no further. From the convention website:
The Palm Springs Convention Center will host 75 noted national and international decorative and fine arts dealers presenting all design movements of the 20th Century. A wide range of vintage 20th Century furniture and decorative arts will be presented and sold by 90 exhibitors, many from the West Coast, but some who come from as far away as New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Dallas, Denver, and Miami. 
Here is a link to the 2013 exhibitors as of this date. A veritable bargain at $20/per ticket.
On the show floor, photo courtesy of 20cdesign

4) Vintage Clothing 

Flash back to now. Think Mad Men. Think Jackie O. Think Alfred Hitchcock. Sit back relax. Stop thinking and enjoy Flash Forward: A Vintage Clothing Retrospective. Tickets are $35 per.
Photo Courtesy of ModernismWeek

If 2013 is anything like 2012 there will be an iPhone app to help you navigate the some hundred-plus events running throughout the week. Crazy daddy-o.

Palm Springs Modernism Week 2013, Feb 14-24, event information, tickets and details can be found at See you there. Did you have any doubt?

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  1. I envy you living so close! My SIL and daughter will probably start going every year, but I'll be the one to stay home with the boys, I imagine. We tried a road trip to Denver Modernism one year with Grandson #1 and my dog in tow, and it was not a lot of fun. :)

    1. Dana, during the past two years that I have delved deeply into this topic, I have come to realize that I live fairly close to several ground zero locations for mid-century modern. I will enjoy seeing your family at the show someday. Yes, road trips with young children and pets are not what they are cracked up to be. Just ask Mitt Romney.

  2. I promptly sent it to my husband as a request for tickets as Christmas gift idea! Thanks! Palm Springs is SO on the road trip list anyway.... :)

    1. I am glad you noticed this. I wasn't sure if you knew about this show and you are so ridiculously close to it. If you go, we should meet for a drink or something. Let me know what days you plan on being there.

  3. Sounds like a good birthday celebration for someone I know--only a month delayed.

  4. This would be awesome. Nothing like that here in Australia (on a similar scale anyway) more's the pity. I would love a sticky beak through some of those homes you mentioned.

    1. I had to look up sticky beak... I get it! Nose around through their house to see what the goodies are! Me too!


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