Tuesday, October 30, 2012

retro ornament christmas wreath: by georgia peachez

In the spirit of Superstorm Sandy, we are skipping Halloween and plunging straight into Christmas. Well, actually it was my mom's birthday last week (what, you didn't get October 24th off?) and I gave her the BEST GIFT EVER.

Best. Gift. Ever.
A big jumbley pile of old Christmas ornaments? Come on, seriously?

Who out there gives people things they would really much rather keep for themselves? Me, me (raises hand enthusiastically)! A few months back, I noticed this story on RetroRenovation about Georgia Peachez Christmas wreathes made from retro Christmas ornaments.

I have sort of a begrudging respect for the holidays. I like the ho-ho-ho and good cheer ... the do-do-do not so much. And being just a tiny bit the mid-century minimalist, I kinda don't like all the stuff that comes along with with Christmas. But I know somebody who does!

What? Of course she loves it.

Mom pulled the wreath out of the box and immediately started to examine it to see how she could make one. But wait, Pam from RetroRenovation posted the instructions from wreath maker Suzy right here. Let the vintage ornament collecting begin!

A Christmas elf demonstrates the hanging of the wreath.

Retro elf.

Straight up beautiful, right?

"I think I still have a few dozen Shiny Brites up in the attic."

Get on the GeorgiaPeachez email list here, as the wreathes quickly sell out. That was how I got my mom's. And shop here. No, this post wasn't sponsored by Georgia Peachez, just by my ridiculous enthusiasm.

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  1. That really is a seriously gorgeous wreath. I need to figure out how to make one.

    1. Check out the link in the story. Suzy reveals all. Number 1: Amass a bunch of picture perfect ornaments...

  2. Wow, great pictures! Looks like your Mom was pleased with her gift. Thanks again :-> xo, suzy

    1. She loved it and was very surprised. I bet it has been hung up already. Suzy I had fun with the pictures. You do a FANTASTIC job Mrs. Wreath.

  3. Straight up beautiful? Absolutely! And so is your Mum.

  4. That wreath is gorgeous! Your Mom is blessed with a wonderful daughter :-)

    1. You are too kind. A friend and I are mulling over trying to make wreaths. I am not certain we could do as good a job though as Georgia Peachez

  5. OH NO! Don't hang it outside. Someone may decide to make off with it. But also, it's exposed to the elements. The temperatures may affect the glue. The ornaments may start dropping off.


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