Tuesday, June 26, 2012

dwell on design - landscape idea #1 modern trellis

I popped up to Los Angeles on Sunday for the Dwell On Design show with my friend who has the excellent taste (her beautiful remodeled mid-century here). We were in search of modern and clever ideas for the garden. We were captivated by these architectural trellises designed by Los Angeles landscape designer and artist Jennifer Gilbert Asher of Terra Trellis.

Terra Trellis
Terra Trellis

Terra Trellis Plant Stand
Plant Stand

Terra Trellis
More Trellises, I love these colors in particular!
It was great meeting the artist and her partners. These sculptural trellises and plant stands are extremely modern and clean; and the colors are at once natural and whimsical. You may remember that I have been wanting something to view out this window from the mid-century bathroom remodel:

mid-century modern bathroom window
Guest Bathroom Picture Window
And Albert has been wanting to put his organic box garden back - which was once there before. These plant stands and trellises are the perfect combination of art and functionality. The artists were excited to have new people appreciate their work, and my friend and I are both committed to purchasing. 

Terra Trellis
More Plant Stands

The frames are created using steel frames, stainless steel wire, zero-VOC powdercoat finish or natural oxide finish and come in all these colors here:

Terra Trellis Colors
Terra Trellis Colors from www.terratrellis.com

I love this piece, but am not sure how to work it in. 

Terra Trellis Massive Garden Trellis
Massive Garden Trellis from www.terratrellis.com

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