Thursday, June 28, 2012

dwell on design - landscape idea #2 modern wall planters and outdoor furniture

The Dwell on Design show, June 22 - June 24, 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center was truly an inspiration for those who love clean-simple lines in their surroundings, and are many times, inspired by modern design of the fifties and sixties. My loyal modern seeking companion and I crossed the Orange Curtain on Sunday, specifically looking for modern landscape ideas. Our second great idea we spotted at the show were these modern planter boxes (our first was the modern trellises).
Potted: For Outdoor Living
Potted: For Outdoor Living
Potted is an outdoor decorating store based in Los Angeles. One of the founders staffed the booth and told us in detail about these clever planters. The planters are metal, but have things on the back that keep them from leaning against the wall and rusting down your stucco. Pretty clever. Seemed really easy to hang too. These could look really good on the wall opposite the big giant bathroom window. Wonder how they would mix with trellises?
More shots of the pots.
I like the philosophy espoused on Potted's blog, about the premise when founding their outdoor shop, "In 2004, we opened what we envisioned to be a mecca for like-minded, design-loving, garden enthusiasts–people like us who want to shop for the outdoor area of their homes like they do their interiors." Amen sister.

We also spotted some awesome outdoor furniture made of recycled plastic by Loll Designs. Pretty SWEET. Easy to imagine these bright pieces on a mid-century modern patio.

Chairs by Loll Designs
Really nice bright colors

Loll Designs
Cool tag line: Modern Lollygagger indeed.

Loll Designs Chair
Very comfortable chair, I like the white a lot.

Loll Designs Table
Cute little green table (favorite color).
Design shows are always an excellent way to survey the industry and see new possibilities. They help one to get a bit unstuck and inspire fresh ideas. I find that I don't get out of a couple of zip codes all that often anymore, so I am really missing out on some of the forward thinking design trends that are happening just fifty miles up the freeway (a painful fifty miles, but really, when all is said and done, not that far). Magazines and websites don't always cut it. It is nice to see and touch the stuff.


  1. Lovely clean lines Rebecca, The tables and chairs are great ideas for reusing that demon plastic (bain of my life, just thinking how much we use and how it doesn't disintegrate at all) loving it, thanks

  2. Hi Aunt Sally in Gibraltar!!! Yes, you are right, any opportunity to re-use plastic is a good thing! Agreed.

  3. What a great blog post. Thanks so much for coming by our booth. We look forward to seeing you in our store next time you "Cross the Orange Curtain"'s really quite painless.

    1. Hi Annette! We really loved your planters and you are right, you are not so far away!

  4. Those first three pics are beautiful! And I love the word "lollygagger" - I don't use it enough!

    Despite being from the south, I know what "beyond the Orange Curtain" means. Have friends and relatives out there!

    1. I didn't explain the "behind the Orange curtain" reference. I should have. It makes me laugh that you understood it!


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