Sunday, March 25, 2012

toilets, faucets and showers in a mid-century modern

This was plumber week. Good news is we have working toilets, faucets and showers. I'll get to the bad news towards the end. Alex's bathroom first.

Kohler Santa Rosa toilet
Alex's Bathroom!
Kohler Santa Rosa toilet, which is considered a compact size. We like that it is sleek and modern.

Kohler Santa Rosa toilet
It actually flushes. Yay.
We selected the Grohe Rainshower Rustic Shower Set for Alex's bathroom. It was important to have adjustable height because he is 13-years-old and has grown just past 6 feet already. And he eats a lot.

Grohe Rainshower Rustic Shower Set

Grohe Rainshower Rustic Shower Set
This shower connection doesn't look finished, does it? Something else to bug the contractor about.

The sink is a Koholer as well, Verticyl Round Undercounter Lavatory sink. 

Kohler Verticyl Round Undercounter Lavatory

The faucet is Grohe Essence Centerset in polished chrome. Our contractor commented during the bidding process that our plumbing fixtures were all expensive. We looked at it this way, expensive in a faucet is only another $50-$100, and when faucets and shower heads break, tile and other immovable objects can be affected.

Grohe Essence Centerset

The master bath is starting to look finished.  We selected another Kohler for the master toilet, but it is more of an **ahem** industrial strength model, the Kohler Wellworth Classic Pressure Lite Elongated toilet.

Kohler Wellworth Classic Pressure Lite Elongated toilet
Kohler Wellworth Classic

Counter and shower threshold looks very sculptural.

Grohe Relaxa Top 4 Shower Head

Grohe Essence Pressure Balance Valve Trim

The square master sink is the square Kohler Ladena

Kohler Ladena Square Sink

Danze Two Handle Mini-Widespread Lavatory Faucet
Classy? Yes?

The bad news is the plumber was a bit of a pig and tromped plumber putty and grease all over the new tile floors. Boo. Friday night, I sent a slew of irritated text messages and pictures to the contractor who promised to have someone come out and clean Monday.

Footprints. Really?

Grease stains.
But I couldn't stand to look at our beautiful bathrooms all destroyed for an entire weekend. I went over to Ace Hardware and picked up a battalion of cleaning products and got most of the dirt and gunk off. And, I made our brand new bathrooms spic and span.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, where have you been all my life?
Unfortunately, the plumber appears to have washed grease down the drain and stained the grout permanently near the drain in the master bath. Perhaps the tile is still unsealed. I will investigate, and the tile guy, will need to re-grout. I bet the construction trades get mad when other trades spoil their work. Homeowners do too. I don't appreciate the bathrooms being treated like a construction site any longer.

Permanent stains on new tile. Boo.
See the final product, the mid-century modern bathrooms remodeled!

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