Sunday, February 19, 2012

physics laws, stucco and mid-century modern remodeling

Alex called me at work last week. I always pick up for him, just in case it is important.
“Mom, how much did that bowl on the table cost?”
“Why?” I asked suspiciously.
“Just tell me how much it cost,” insisted Alex.
Sharp as a tack, I immediately catch on. “Were you playing around with the Lazy Susan?”

Sitting on it, I have a candle from CandlEssence in a mid-century modern Bauer bowl. 
He confessed, "I forgot about centrifugal force." 

What I liked was Alex owned up to the crime immediately and had a good physics based explanation for his lapse. I have a strong suspicion he was going to offer to pay for the bowl. Good mistake recovery. I told him to forget about it; the bowl wasn’t expensive. This was not exactly true, but why would I leave this stuff around the house with a 13-year-old boy? On a Lazy Susan? I have to accept some of the blame.

I actually have a small collection of mid-century Bauer pottery pieces. You can learn all about Bauer pottery from this book.

And speaking of the laws of physics, our contractor is displaying Newton’s first law of physics, "a body in motion will stay in motion.” We are simply not having any of the typical problems people have with contractors. We are so relieved. Again, we had another rip-roaring week of progress. Two coats of stucco were applied to the exterior walls - the scratch coat and then the brown coat.

On the inside we saw dry wall go up and hole patching! Whoot whoot

Master closet

Master bath (Taj Mahal)

Guest bath, still loving the window although anyone who walks into this bathroom asks,
"What are you using to cover it?"

Alex's room all patched up

Alex's bath - to the left, extremely tall toiletry shelf is visible
We can see signs that the tile guy came as the showers have some kind of a wire mesh installed with the boxes knocked out where the toiletries go. I insisted on 18" high shelves for shampoo and body wash because, of course, we purchase at Costco and the bottles can be a little big. The architect suggested I repackage the Costco product into smaller bottles rather than have such outlandishly tall toiletry shelves in the shower. I can hear you laughing as well.

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