Monday, February 6, 2012

electrical upgrade to mid-century modern house

Last week we got a new electrical panel. We went from a 100 amp service to a 200 amp service which allows more circuit breakers, and means we can have more lights and more stuff running at the same time. We have had trouble with Christmas lights, blow dryers and the ever present space heaters. I like this video on YouTube from “Randy” which explains when to upgrade your panel. He is a little dry, but what do you expect from an electrician?
New electrical panel next to 60 year-old crappy panel on left

The electrician went one extra step and asked Albert for input on the master bedroom wiring. For a small  fee, the electrician added track lighting to our dark bedroom and tons of wiring on the wall opposite the bed for a fancy new flat screen TV. Our remodel will take us from one TV to two (don't be impressed, we have two iPads, and six computers--we are not lacking for online entertainment). In my whole life though, I have never had a TV in a bedroom and have been pretty negative feelings on the whole subject. However, lately, I have been wanting to get a fix of  True Blood or Dexter and I can't with a 13-year-old-boy sitting next to me on the couch.

Electrical goodies for new wall-mounted TV
We now have hot mopped tar shower pans. This guy explains the process really well. It is a stinky, smoky procedure. It is nice to NOT be home during this stuff. But this is what makes a shower water proof.
MBR hot mopped shower
Alex hot mopped shower
And finally, we have a new roof on the addition which is an extension of our existing tar and gravel roof. Tar and gravel are not used anymore. Tar and gravel flat roofs are explained well by This Old House. We have had our roof re-roofed once. The work was smelly, nasty and dirty plus our neighbors complained that it was smelly, nasty & dirty. It is a relief to have a roof and windows on the addition as rain is predicted for this week.
Addition has roof and windows!

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