Sunday, January 1, 2012

let the mid-century modern remodel begin -- see the before pictures here

I am really excited (and scared). On Tuesday, January 3, we kick off the remodel of two bathrooms and the addition of a third bathroom. We'll also get another master bedroom closet, which is a tremendous bonus in a small house with no attic and a diminutive garage. We began planning this remodel exactly one year ago. Selecting an architect, designing the bathrooms, getting Newport Beach city approval and then selecting a contractor are time consuming and detailed tasks. We were lucky to get it done in a year. Take a look at the cramped "before" pictures.

Guest Bathroom - 1 - Shower on Left

Guest Bathroom - 2

"Master" Bathroom - 1 - Everything Convenient!

Close-Up Master Bath Counter - 2
Using Google Earth view, you can see where the addition will go. We are adding 167 very important square  feet to the back of the house. This will bring the house to just over 2,000 square feet (yay!). We added 239 square feet in 2000, about 3 years after we purchased the house in 1997. If you are doing the math, the original footprint of the house was 1,645 square feet. Can you see the flying triangle at the bottom edge of the picture below attached to the bottom of the house on the garage side? That's the office and laundry room we added in 2000. Previously, the laundry was conveniently located in the kitchen and the office was in the guest bedroom.

The addition is on the right outlined in red

You can see the plan below. We also get a new heating system as our floor ducting needs to be re-routed down a very limited portion of hallway dropped ceiling. See previous post discussing the heating issue.


  1. I LOVE remodel blogs. I'm subscribing! - Nicole

  2. LOVE the blog are brave and I can't wait to watch the may inspire to embark on such a project sometime in the future! GOOD LUCK! - Cindy


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