Wednesday, January 4, 2012

how to photograph interiors and homes

Knowing how to photograph interiors and homes is very critical to a remodel blog. I will be evolving my style over the next few months, but, I must tell you, I am loving my new Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 10-22. It is essentially a wide angle lens which is considered required for photographing interiors. I haven't had time to really experiment with this lens but it makes almost any picture more interesting. And it is practically the only way to capture pictures of teeny tiny bathrooms (even after the remodel they still won't be super spacious).

This picture of my mom's courtyard shows how the lens covers nearly corner to corner with an interesting perspective. She has eclectic gardening taste. 

A great article on taking home design photos, by Amy Renea can be found at Houzz. The pictures are excellent reference material for styling, framing and positioning interior photos. Houzz would like the addition of Ginger in the picture above, taken in my mom and dad's family room. But Houzz wouldn't like the clutter. It's hard to avoid at Christmas. I like these suggestions from top interior photographers as well on Houzz. also has good thoughts on interior photography.

Here is a bad angle of our master bedroom pre-remodel. The window will be replaced by a door to the NEW third master bedroom closet. The dark arch shadow at the bottom of the picture is troubling.

Here is the sad state of affairs in the master bedroom right now. The little door in the corner is the door to the "master bath." Big shadow again. Apparently, from much online reading, the shadow is caused by the very big new lens blocking the flash. Advice seems to indicate I need another flash. The costs of the remodel are mounting.


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