Saturday, December 31, 2011

post purge - clearing the way for the remodel

The purge is in full swing. I am sure the neighbors suspect our Christmas was far too merry judging by the height of the trash piled up on the curb. Luckily in Newport Beach, you are not required to use recycling bins, or pre-sort your trash. They take everything and sort it for you, supposedly, somewhere. And also, luckily, we gave our trash guy his usual $25 Target gift card. Honestly, it is not enough. There is nothing that man won't haul away from the curb.

We have completed some of the final prep projects. Alex and Albert worked hard on the back yard unfortunately de-constructing the organic garden, and moving the attractive plastic sheds away from the wall.  The shorter shed holds two 55 gallon water containers, supposedly in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. But seriously, in case of natural or man-made disaster, head to our house. We've got more emergency stuff then an LDS temple. For more information regarding 72-hour kit construction, please consult Albert.

Below, you can easily see the space the bathrooms will go in. The house sits at an angle to the back fence,so our very back yard is a triangle. Therefore the addition is a triangle that will run parallel to the fence (10 feet is the legal limit in NPB). The triple windows are Alex's bedroom which will get a full bachelor bathroom. The two twin windows right next to each other in the middle are the "master" and the "guest" bathrooms which will each get a few additional feet. The final window on the right is exactly where the new extra master bedroom closet will go (can we hear a "YEAH"). Mid-century moderns are not known for their spacious closetry and our house is no exception.

As a final completion to our get ready for the remodel project, Albert and I moved completely into the guest bedroom and are sharing one (1) armoire and one (1) closet for four (4) months. All extra clothes have been donated or stored. Luckily we have had several good friends offer up their spare bedrooms for escape during the project. I really doubt we'll need it.


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