Saturday, January 21, 2012

foundation in a mid-century modern remodel

You’d be surprised at the things you get used to during a remodel. I don’t even blink when I go out to my car everyday and there is a porta-potty sitting next to it. And, I barely care that the architect’s and the contractor’s advertising is planted in our front yard. They didn’t ask if they could put their signs there, and I didn’t ask them if I could write a blog about their work. Touché.

Porta-potty blends in with the basketball hoop nicely

The interior of the foundation, with its complicated rebar layout, passed Newport Beach inspection. Then the concrete was poured. Honestly, the addition area looks bigger than I imagined.

The addition pre-concrete pour

View from the "master" closet. 167 critical feet. 

However, the rain continues to be disturbing. Albert said, “I have never seen a contractor tarp a house well.” My dad said, “I’m too old to get on the roof.” When we added the office, over ten years ago in late 2000, we had an La Niña style storm. According to Scripps, it was a strong, COLD La Niña year. The south west side of the house was wide open and the wood floors were brand new. I remember getting up in the middle of the night to find Albert in the kitchen sweeping water out the side of the open air office as a furious offshore wind pushed the puddles right back in. He was up all night. The next day, my dad and Albert went up on the roof to drop tarps, because the contractor obviously hadn't tarped at all. This contractor is different. So far, so good.

Tarped and ready for rain, concrete under plastic
The house appears to be is safe and sound, unless there is a hurricane.  Framing is supposed to start next week and the contractor said rain is not a big deal. E.g. would they ever build houses in Seattle if they waited for a sunny day? Because I haven't figured out we are broke yet, I went out and purchased my annual birthday purse, a small Rebecca Minkoff as I am committed to down-sizing (and this designer's name has always been a draw, frankly). Grey to match the new foundation.

Birthday purse

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