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one man's trash: las vegas vintage industrial shopping at #NMX

Before I reveal the next retro shop tour, let's talk about BlogWorld - New Media Expo 2013 #NMX from last week. A session that made a HUGE impression on me  was +AmandaBlain's talk on Google+.  Amanda is the creator of and is a Google+ expert. Yes I know. Yet another thing to check, do, and/or not understand. And, I have gotten mixed messages from the mass media who accuse Google+ of being a ghost town. Here are the reasons to give Google+ a try:
  1. Google+ has over 500 million members. Facebook brags about 1B and Pinterest has about 40M depending on who is counting so 500 million is okay.
  2. Google+ Hangouts are a great way to have virtual private or public meetings, and record them (Albert says he uses them with his guys at work). I would like to try them with a little blog work group. 
  3. Google is working to tie content together all over the web and continue to improve search. Google+ Authorship is an important mechanism to achieve this and a critical tool for bloggers. 
  4. Final reason, Google+ is still early, and influencers on Google+ are still accessible. Which means you could be a bigger fish, in a smaller pond. Great article here about using Google+ for influencer outreach as well as SEO.
Now for the retro review.

circus circus, las vegas, nv #NMX
Circus Circus, Las Vegas, NV #NMX 

I used my conference down time to check out  Antique Alley in the Las Vegas Arts District. One of the last shops that I found open on Sunday at 4pm was One Man's Trash. It took a minute  for me to figure out what was going on. Everything looked brand spanking new. BUT IT WASN'T. What?!?

One Man's Trash
Mid-Century Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1300 South Main Street, Suite 140
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 778-7988
One Man's Trash

Rebecca's 5 Point Rating Scale (1-not-so-great and 5-fabulous):
  • Store Size / Inventory - 5 (Great open floor and lots of wonderful furniture laid out and displayed nicely.)
  • Merchandise Quality  - 5 (Classic, iconic furniture pieces are clearly the specialty. Also, don't forget the industrial angle. Cool antique industrial age pieces, good for your favorite hipster's loft.)
  • Organization - 5 (Furniture is arranged attractively, enabling you to visualize in your space. Original manufacturer and prices are clearly marked.)
  • Pricing - 5 (Good pricing! One Man's Trash specializes in high end items and certainly not junk by any standards. The owners are well aware of what they have and price fairly.)
  • Service - 5 (Both shop owners were there when I was in: Jennifer Toso and Caleb Smith. Approachable, helpful, chatty and willing to talk about their retro passion. At length. Not that there is anything wrong with that.)
Total Rating is 5 (out of 5 stars)

Link to Yelp Reviews

At One Man's Trash you feel like you are walking into a high end retailer, and not [another] vintage retro store. It doesn't smell musty, look dusty, or feel old fashioned. It has a trendy vibe and (dare we say) youthful appeal. The "youthful" part obviously comes from the owners, Jennifer and Caleb, who are probably half the age of most of their merchandise. It gives them a unique eye and perspective.

The following is a sample of their wares (iPhone photo tour, apologize in advance for picture quality).

Check out this dresser--1970s Brutalist Lane bedroom set in the style of Paul lane. They had all five  pieces (credenza, dresser, queen headboard, mirror and side table). These pieces were in perfect condition and came directly from a Las Vegas resident.  The owners only want $3,200 for the nearly perfect condition set, which I think is completely reasonable.

You can see the credenza below, as well as a little of the store layout. I have been wanting something brutalist for a long time now, and gravitate to these pieces whenever I spot them. I love the narrow coffee table in front of the long sofa. I think it is Knoll. These sofas are so long, otherwise I would be in the market. Love the low arms.

Okay, I am ashamed. I don't know what this chair is. But it is in perfect condition. It looks cool and the metal work is in great shape (looks new), even if you will end up with weird little squares on your back should you lean into it. (Update from Dana: Diamond chair by Harry Bertoia for Knoll. You can always count on Dana for a mid-century modern furniture ID. Thank you!)

This leather Barcelona style settee is SOLD. But it would make a fabulous coffee table in today's "great room." No great rooms in our house. 1955 vintage mid-century modern.

Check out this cool (cute?) little daisy shaped end table.

The requisite Vegas porn. Perfect in a dude's man cave.

This is an actual Eames for Herman Miller replica case study unit for $1,200.

Beautiful sofa, sold for about $3,100. Waiting for pickup, or perhaps recovering? The owner's mention they can get furniture recovered to your taste and decor. After all, these needn't be museum pieces.

Another shot of the store stuffed with goodies, but not in an unpleasant, you can't swing your purse around gaily, kind of way.

This shot gives you a good feel for the industrial mixed with the mid-century modern.

Fantastic chair. Looks to be Danish in origin. Love the green upholstery.  Green is my favorite color.

The little beauty below is BOTH a sculpture and chair combined. Original upholstery, according to the owners. From their FB page, "Designed in 1962, long before contemporary was a cliche design style. This Danish EJ 5 Corona Chair, by Poul Volther for Erik Jorgensen, is about as modern as mid century modern gets." Seriously.

Fantastic red sofa but too long for our house. $2,100 and reupholstered. Originally Kroehler and mid-century.

Perfect little mosaic corner end table. Kinda got a little Southwest vibe mixed in with the mid-century.

Pops of blue. Some Nambe candle stick holders. I have a couple of those myself.

Perfect glass table with a couple of smaller end tables under it. Perfect condition.

The BLUE sofa. Can you hear angels sing? Such a pretty, pretty piece.

I think this is the sofa that one of the owners will make you a good deal on. Isn't it delicious in what looks to be original velour? Had my mom seen it, I am sure she would have purchased it instead of the Granny Smith green apple sofa she had to learn to live with.

Four Authentic vintage Knoll Platner chairs. Oh so mid-century. And not a flaw to be found.

Jennifer and Caleb say their merchandise turns quickly, so there is no telling what will be in the shop when you stop by. As you certainly should. I know I'll be back.

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  1. Looks like the kind of shop I'd love to visit. They have some sweet pieces and merchandise their stock beautifully. I am officially coveting the Platner set. The wire number is a Diamond chair by Harry Bertoia for Knoll...a surprisingly comfortable chair, as a matter of fact.

    1. Hi there Dana! Thanks for the note on the Diamond Wire chair. Will update. I should have sat in it just to check it out. Very sweet pieces indeed.

  2. Thanks so much for the great write up. Absolutely enjoyed reading. Hope to see you soon. Jen & Caleb.

    1. You are most welcome. And as you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your wonderful store!

  3. I loved this post! That store is full of eye candy, no? What a dream. I'm so making it a necessary stop next Vegas visit. Holy cow!

    1. One more to add. Equally amazing. I was not prepared for what I was seeing in Vegas. Have to go back a little more prepared.

  4. Speaking in defense of your mom. She had the sofa upholstered in her choice of material--either the small square of fabric did not convey the full greenness of the sofa, or else, the upholsterer used a bolt of fabric different from the small sample. Your mom, being the wonderful person she is, could not bring herself to refuse the sofa after it was delivered. /S/Uninterested and neutral person.

    1. That green was so ridiculously bright. It imprinted me at a young age and now look at me! I am obsessed with chartreuse green.


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