Wednesday, January 9, 2013

more #nmx #blogworld and the pick a masthead winner!

Before I reveal the winner of our Help Us Pick a Masthead Contest from last week, let's talk about BlogWorld -New Media Expo 2013 #NMX (held just prior to #CES) in Las Vegas. Tuesday night's key note was @LeoLaporte. In the United States, Leo is a beloved radio personality known as "The Tech Guy" who also runs podcasts and video shows. He knows everything tech. Everything.
Leo Laporte photo compliments of  Joe Manna on Flickr

Geeks dig him, both guys and gals alike, probably because he never makes fun of anyone, no matter how dumb the question. And, he is rarely stumped ("Let's ask the chat room"). Leo Laporte is just as friendly and personable live as he is on the radio, although a tiny bit more sarcastic. But, to be honest  not as sexy in person, as his voice sounds (okay, a tiny bit disappointing).
Here are the three big things I got from Leo's talk:
  1. He uses a Samsung Galaxy (just like Guy Kawasaki),
  2. Leo believes brands will continue to turn to niche content creators for endorsement (a trend that was prevalent in 2012 and is great for bloggers, videographers & podcasters alike),
  3. He thinks old media has finally figured out that the mid-century formula of "put it on TV and they will come" has bad ROI in this day and age. And, Leo built his own studio to prove it (similar to Guy Kawasaki and his book self-publishing).
On to the Help Us Pick a Masthead Contest from last week. And, the winner is Terry Buckner! Trouble is, Terry's blogger profile does not have an email addres (waaah, waaah, waaah, waaaah). So Terry, if you are out there, email me your address and claim your beautiful mid-century modern vase If I don't here from Terry within a week, I shall draw again!

And, thank you, everyone for the masthead feedback. It was very specific and quite helpful. Crowd sourcing works! And drum roll. If we take our mastheads strictly in the order of voting...

#1 Squares & Atomic (way out in front)

#2 Chairs (nearly tied with #3)

#3 Chair Legs (nearly tied with #2)

#4 Circles

#5 Clock and Chairs

Our Graphic Designer is taking all the suggestions into account and coming back with her revisions. Yay.

And, we'll get back to our regular programming tomorrow with another fabulous Vegas Mid-Century Vegas shop of retro-ocity. Stay tuned.

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  1. Can't wait to hear all about BlogWorld and see what your masthead designer comes up with!

    I knew how to get in touch with Terry Buckner, so I just emailed her to let her know about winning. She will be so excited!

    1. I heard from Terry!!! I knew you would know her... BlogWorld was very interesting. It was great to find out what others are thinking about and what is on people's minds. Google+. In a nutshell.

    2. Glad you heard from Terry! I guess I need to start reading up on Google+.

  2. Love the new options for your header!
    Must've missed that one :/ but the winning one sure looks good.
    I just got a new Samsung Galaxy - I love it. Enjoy Vegas!!x

    1. After hearing @GuyKawasaki rant on about Apple and the new adapter connectors (irritating and expensive), my next phone just may be a Galaxy myself.

  3. I have to say, I am totally jealous of your trip to the BlogWorld seminar. What a valuble experience! OMG!
    I do recognize that vase - you were my first purchase when I launched my store. Going strong at this point! Excellent giveaway idea! :) Hope Terry enjoys it.

    1. It was very good, BUT it was a big time commitment. Long 3 days. The nice thing about seminars like this is it is drinking from a fire hose. Ya kinda get it over with really quickly. However, the information is all out there available ... thank heavens... in this day and age.

  4. "bad ROI in this day and age"--what is ROI. I'm thinking return on investment, but haven't seen that abbreviation before.

    1. Yes, Return on Investment. Lesson learned, no silly abbreviations. :)

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