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retro vegas vintage roundup, #nmv and pinterest

The trek through Vegas vintage continues. Last week I went to BlogWorld - New Media Expo 2013 #NMX and had my head stuffed with good ideas. Like Pinterest. If you are a guy, before you click away, here me out. Why the buzz for Pinterest? I listened to Debba Haupert, founder of and a social media expert. Here are my four take aways:
  1. The Pinterest demographic is women (duh) and an excellent social media outlet for content creators focused in women's spaces (recipes, diy, arts/crafts, fashion, inspiration/quotes).
  2. Pinterest has become a popular way to drive traffic (good post on driving blog traffic from Social Media Examiner).
  3. gives you Pinterest social media stats. The top board is Elephants. Seriously, who knew?
  4. Tall image sizes do better on Pinterest, 300 to 554 chars and get repinned more (makes sense). And, bonus fact, Pinterest skews more business in Europe. Huh?
Retro review time!!! Last but certainly not least.

I spent late Sunday afternoon at #NMX trolling around Antique Alley in the Las Vegas Arts District. One of the first shops that I found open on Sunday at 3pm was Retro Vegas. Retro Vegas is a massive warehouse of retro stuff-i-osity and more. I'll explain the "more" towards the end. I am sure you think I am giving out "5" ratings like water, but Retro Vegas gets a "5" for very different reasons than then other two stores I reviewed, One Man's Trash and Patina Decor.

Mid-Century Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1331 South Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 384-2700
Retro Vegas

Rebecca's 5 Point Rating Scale (1-not-so-great and 5-fabulous):
  • Store Size / Inventory - 5 (Big warehouse style place filled with a variety of smalls and bigs. They have odds and ends like records as well as iconic furniture pieces.)
  • Merchandise Quality  - 4 (Retro's merchandise runs the gamut from collectible to kitsch to everything in between. It isn't necessarily consistent, but more like an exciting adventure of retro discovery.)
  • Organization - 5 (All items are nicely arranged and not simply thrown about or stacked in aisles and corners like some stores I have visited in Southern California. You can browse around easily.)
  • Pricing - 5 (Again very good pricing. Because there is more of a variety in Retro Vegas, you can find things to match any price range.)
  • Service - 5 (Marc, one of the owners, was extremely helpful, pointed things out, and showed me the yard.)
Total Rating is 5 (out of 5 stars)

Link to Yelp Reviews

Let's start with the pink kitchen. It sits in a back corner of the store. And to drive you crazy, it is NOT for sale.

And what looks to be an authentic hanging shelvey thing from the 60's. Danish I'll bet. I hate it when I don't take pictures of the price tags.

Mid-mod Bassett bedroom set for $2,100.

I always have to check out the art. I could go for this HOT red mid-century sunset. This shop specializes in mid-century art. Plenty to choose from.

Record albums galore. What do people do with these now-a-days?

Sweet little Danish china cabinet. I have just the spot for this.

I had to get in a bit of a distance shot to show the sheer size of the inventory and the space.

Awesome mid-century picture collection. I remember those lady paintings from the 70's I think!

Oh how I love me a little green armchair.

Shows a selection of dining sets as well as awesome lighting.

Most excellent bar stools. They look an awful lot like Saarinen but again, no picture of the price tag. Boo.

Sweet little horse in front of a cool room divider screen.

Requisite glassware shot.

Classic leather dining chairs (or office chairs back in the day).

Loved this lamp base.

Danish vanity and stool.

Thousands of these Danish roll top desks must have been sold back in the day. I have seen them everywhere selling for about $600 which is what I paid for mine in the 80's. My mom has one from the 70's.

Nice selection of amber lighting.

Two fabulous coffee tables.

What to do with these mosaic boards? Open a nifty sixties bar?

This pink deco chair is elegant and a stark contrast to the modern darling next to it. Like I said, the inventory runs the gamut. It is a wonderful mish mash of all things retro.

Now for the "and more" . . . Retro Vegas has an EXTENSIVE collection of Vegas casino memorabilia. Yee-haw! I asked owner Marc how this amazing store came about. He paused and smiled just a little bit. "Hobby gone bad." Ahhhh how we can all relate.

Not surprisingly, Retro Vegas is very willing to rent out these Vegas icons. They rent a fair amount of inventory to the film industry.

My son would love that mummy in his room, I'll bet.

Extremely cool and BIG dice chandelier.

And some more big dice.

Antique gas pumps out back, which have been used as film props.

Retro Vegas has a wide variety of merchandise with vintage goodies in every nook and cranny of the shop. You'll be sure to find a little something-something to fill out your collection of whatever mid-century. It is a must stop by on your next Vegas vintage shopping tour. Hobby gone bad, indeed.

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  1. Love that shop! Love the drip glaze blue and green lamp nxt to the green chair. I need to take a class from you. How do you insert those links into the body of your blog? I'm new to this. Do tell! Love your stuff!

    1. Brooke, this store was a bit of a treasure chest. And, I am absolutely happy to help.

  2. I just fell in some serious love with that hanging wall unit! I just called them for a price and a shipping quote, and if it doesn't cost too much to get it to Texas, I may buy it.

    1. You know what, I totally thought of you when I saw it. Because I knew you would know what it was. It is in perfect shape. I looked at it for awhile.

    2. I would buy too, but one of you would have to carry it the plane for me! ...fancy a holiday to Australia ladies?

  3. You had me with the link to "elephants" at the top of your post. But then you're partly to blame. Who else has an elephant watering can?

    1. Isn't the elephant page a crack up? The #1 board on Pinterest. I had no idea about the elephant sickness out there.

    2. Great post on two counts! Thanks for the info and eye candy! I will be back for more but I'm on Pinterest, it does nothing for me traffic wise....will need to investigate further! :)

  4. Hi, Rebecca - if you get this message can you let me kow how I can post questions to your blog? I'm signed in with Google, but could use my FB or could sign up to Pinterest. My husband and I are purchasing a 1969 colonial, not my favorite style but has several things going for it. I'm trying to figure out the style that would fit this house; we have very ecelctic furnishings from two houses (that's a long story but TMI), and could get started with our few Scandinavian and Lane MCM pieces. But am I on the wrong track for a 60s colonial? It's pretty plain outside (gray brick bottom half all around, reddish/terra cotta-ish horizontal siding on top half). I'll send pics later if possible. I don't know how to get a dialog going on a blog - new to this. Love your posts. I do think about "atomic" also; we have a living room, dining room, off-kitchen dining area plus family room, so could have some variations or could think about one style throughout. Family room has an ok wood paneling down a long wall - husband wants to keep that if possible. But i'm rambling - let me know if you get this, thanks!

  5. oops - not even sure I'll be able to find my way back to this thread. I'll try, but if you have time my email is

  6. Do you know if they take consignments?
    Thank you


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