Wednesday, September 19, 2012

artsy after bathroom remodel pictures

Our architect asked us if he could come over and photograph the finished mid-century modern remodeled bathrooms.

Great angle.

I said. "Sure." I was curious what angles he would feature from the bathrooms. I did notice that all accessories were swept out of the way (tips on photographing a home emphasize de-cluttering). I like these tips from Apartment Therapy about how to photograph your home. They suggest you avoid flash, and try different angles as well as taking close up shots of attractive arrangements.

Close-ups: Don't zoom in but rather step up to whatever you think is an interesting detail in your apartment. Frame it well, meaning make sure that there are other things in the photo that complement it. It is also a good idea to get above the scene rather than meet it at eye level.

Exactly like the bathtub and towels above are photographed.

Guest bathroom (not attached to a bedroom)
Guest bathroom (not attached to a bedroom)

Houzz suggests you can take better photos in a snap!

DO: Shoot mirrors at an angle. Capture mirrors and glossy surfaces at an angle to avoid making an accidental appearance in your photo. In this example, shooting this bathroom at an angle is positive for two reasons: First, the photographer avoids showing up in the mirror. Second, the greater perspective of the room makes the shot. This bathroom feels spacious because of these adjustments.

This mirror below was clearly shot at an angle. Nicely done.

Guest Bathroom (en suite as they say on the designer shows)
Guest Bathroom (en suite as they say on the designer shows)

Houzz's Part 2 on taking better pictures provides more tips:

DO: Stage your scene. All pictures benefit from a little staging. There is no need to add new items, just focus on removing things that are unnecessary in the composition. Nothing should feel fake or forced. Good staging is really about removal.

Master bathroom
Master bathroom

You can see my "after" remodeled bathroom shots here. I think the architect's pictures look better. He clearly put a lot of thought and time in staging them. For example, the shower shot above, I think I detect some artificial light coming from the front right corner. Clever.

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  1. Your bathrooms are so beautiful, yet so perfectly functional. We're about to start on a building project behind my house, and I got so many good ideas from your pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Hey Dana, you always write the nicest things. These bathrooms are fairly modern, not so mid-century but there are elements from that time period. The small square tiles on the floor, and the cabinets for sure. Kind of a blend. VERY functional. Storage was a priority. Thanks!


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