Wednesday, July 18, 2012

an eichler in orange?

What self-respecting mid-century modern fan doesn't love an Eichler? I have often harbored dreams that our house is an Eichler because whoever designed it certainly ripped off all the elements: the central courtyard, plank ceilings, flat roof, and wood floors.

mid-century modern living room
Looks kind of like an Eichler? See the window strip on the right?
The post and beam construction, the plank ceiling, blah blah, I could show you more.

Alas, I have never gone done to the Newport Beach City Building Department to inspect the original plans to see exactly who the mystery plagiarist is. Maybe I will, when the building department moves to their new Taj Mahal location just down the street.

My mom knows my Eichler love, and forwarded an email from her friend, who apparently is on an Eicher mailing list (who knew?). A gorgeous Eichler by the architects Anshen and Allen (architects contracted by Eichler), built in the 60's and located in Orange is for sale for $640,000. Eichler's on sale (recession spillover). Tempting.

Anshen & Allen home in Orange
Yummy green painted fireplace, probably was originally brick but I do like the green.

According to the real estate listing from, this house is "located in the Fairhaven Tract and the first Eichler development in Orange County. This classic mid-century modern floor plan designed by Anshen and Allen, captures the sophisticated indoor-outdoor living with a C-Shape floor plan that is surrounded by walls of glass for the natural light and embraces the large atrium and outdoor spaces. The backyard is large, has very private deep lot with mature landscaping. Modern day features include: an energy efficient foam roof, dual heating and air conditioning systems, concrete floors, spacious layout, block fireplace, large atrium and 2 car garage. This home has stunning architectural design with form and function of today’s modern living." It is located at 616 S. Woodland St., Orange, CA.

Fantastic Eichler living, room, Nelson bubble lamp (like my mom's).

You can look at the house from a Google Maps view. Note all the houses with the little square cut outs in the middle. They are built around atriums. Eichler houses are known for being built around a courtyard or an atrium. According to this article, "The Mystery of the Eichler Atrium," the creation of the atrium concept was the result of numerous architect brainstorming sessions to think of the next new thing, and wasn't initially a huge ah ha, but gradually they worked it out and started including it in home designs

Eichler yard
Eichler yard with the sail patio cover. I like these!

Another view of the living room with what looks like a
Noguchi table in front of the sofa. I have always wanted one of these.

eichler bedroom
Mid-century bedroom. Kind of a Nelson bench at the end of the bed.
Green is the accent color all over this house. I HEART green.

eichler bedroom
Another view of the master, note the dark beams and white ceiling.
This was painted later, the original probably was all natural (like ours).

Eichler kitchen
Fantastic galley kitchen with concrete floors. Love.

Eichler kitchen
Another view of Eichler kitchen.

courtyard Eichler
Great view of atrium.

Eichler bathroom
Fairly original Eichler bathrooms with some 70's remodeling.
Check out the Hollywood lights above the mirror.
Our bathrooms were pretty much original.
Eichler bathroom
Eichler Bathroom (with 70's touches).
Love the green towels.

Second bedroom Eichler
Second bedroom Eichler

Eichler bathroom
Very remodeled trendy bathroom ... kind of went "big" on this.

Eichler Bathroom
Uber fancy not Eichler bathroom

Eichler bathroom
Another view of Eichler bathroom. Note the door that
goes to the outside. So typical.

cute Eichler baby's room
What a cute baby's room! The orange wall is WHAM.
That kid must wake up in the morning ready to go.

Eichler front courtyard
Great view of charming atrium.

Eichler front courtyard
Fabulous green door. Atrium.

Pretty decent size eichler lot
Pretty decent size Eichler lot

Eichler front courtyard
Atrium. Love the concrete and the rocks. No plants.
My favorite landscaping is no plants (it's Southern Californian for
heaven's sake--a desert).

Eichler street view
Street view isn't much. Except for that BAM chartreuse front door.
The controversial thing about Eichler homes is the lack of street view. Eichler
was big on privacy and interior spaces over what the neighbors see.
Dana over at Mid2Mod details an Eichler she found last week listed in Oakland that looks extremely similar to this Eichler in Orange.  She loves them as much as me but lives in Texas (too far away to sneak into open houses). They are close enough here, that they are almost tempting (to own).

House featured on Mid2Mod. Very similar look to the front.

Specific listing details include:
  • Architect: Anshen and Allen
  • Tract: Fairhaven
  • Year Built: 1960
  • Living Sq.Ft: 1748
  • Lot Size: 8400
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Garage: 2 Car
  • Dual Central Heating & Air
  • Foam Roof

Thank you for the pictures!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I'm so happy that you emailed me about this post and that I found your wonderful blog. I'm now a regular reader. That is one gorgeous house! I'm surprised that I like the green painted brick too...but there's something really eye-catching about it.

    1. Hello Dana! Isn't this house something. I agree... at first I thought "wow they painted the brick." Then I thought, "gosh, I really like that green." I like the way they tied the fireplace to the front door to the accessories throughout the house. Somehow it works.

  2. AMAZING DESIGNS! Wow! I want to move in too! :) The colors and furniture are fantastic.

    1. Isn't it beautiful? The house layout is really something special and they have decorated it beautifully.

  3. Rebecca -- I never knew "Eichler" was the designer of the homes near my mother's house in Orange. When we visit, my wife and I take the dogs down S. Woodland street oohing & aah about these cool and colorful homes, and wondering about their history and what they look like on the inside. Thanks for sharing.
    --Jim Novy

    1. I love those houses so much. Really simple, open floor plans, lots of exposed beams and brick. That is cool that you have walked by them.

  4. What a fabulous atrium design; I love the overall aesthetics of it! If I were to own this kind of place I would put up some brazilian cherry wood flooring to make it more classy.

  5. Hi Rebeca

    I sold this house to my buyer ( I was the buyer's agent). It was a very difficult short sale that was very stressful for both agents, but agree that the property was beautiful. Unlike most Eichler's this one had a double garage rather than the single garage and carport.


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