Monday, July 23, 2012

Orange County Fair #1: Food at the Fair

I have a love-hate relationship with the Orange County Fair. I hate all the bizarre food, the crush of the great tattooed masses and the general dirt and noise. And, honestly, I love it. What could be more mid-century than a county fair?

I bring to you a series of posts about the fair. You will feel like you are almost there. The first post is about the food. A true fair person would have eaten the food and told you how fantastic it is, but alas, I can only show you what looks interesting. I am just a tiny bit afraid of fair food. If this gets you REALLY hungry, the fair is running July 13-August 12. You can try it for yourself.

On A Thursday night, people filling up the picnic tables for Fair food. 

Special treat on Thursday nights at the Fair: it is food truck night! The trucks come in at the entrance nearest the Hanger and for Food Fare Truck Thursday. You can find out which trucks are at the Fair on which Thursday here at this Register article by Nancy, Luna, Fast Food Maven.

the Grilled Cheese Truck
Alex waits in line at the Grilled Cheese truck.

The Bacon Truck
The famous OC Bacon Truck was there.
If you would like to read more about the O.C. Food Truck scene, check out Saturday Night Foodies. Read more of their updates on the O.C. Fair.

funnel cake and churros
An OC favorite, Funnel cake and Churros
funnel cake and the O.C. fair
Alex and Albert pick out their funnel cake.

OC Fair Funnel Cake
Albert and Alex plus TWO funnel cakes.

Happy fair people
A little time out with friends to share the funnel cakes.

OC Fair Wine Pavilion
YAY! The Wine Pavilion. Makes it all worthwhile and is
typically my first fair stop (when I have been taken fair hostage).
You can purchase by the taste or by the glass.

Maui chicken and Shrimp
Maui Chicken and Shrimp.
My friend is pointing at the gal they are chatting up who was
apparently from St. Petersburg Russia.

Texas Ice cream and donuts
Food as far as they eye can see.
Texas Ice Cream and Donuts.

Fried frog legs
Fried Frog Legs - tasty. And look at all the people in line.

OC Fair Cup Cakes
OC Fair Cup Cakes.
What is the deal with cupcakes? I like comments by Living Stingy.
Stupid cupcakes.

Funnel Cakes
Funnel Cakes to go, two again.

Big dog at the fair
Can you see that the girl in the green top is holding a really
big hot dog on a stick, and her friends are taking her picture?

kebabs at the Fair
Excellent and healthy looking kebabs.

green beans at the fair
Grilled green beans, also healthy. No one was buying.

burgers and curly fries
Burgers and curly fries, fried zucchini. Look at the lines!

Bacon BBQ
Bacon! Bacon wrapped turkey legs at the
Great American Bacon BBQ! People were eating these ALL over the fair.
They looked like something from Jurassic Park.

Bacon, bacon, bacon. And more bacon.

Bacon BBQ at the fair
Wood burning BBQ. Smoke as far as the eye could see.

Bacon BBQ at the Fair
Heart attack on a stick. They advertise a quarter of a pound of bacon
wrapped around a quarter pound hot dog.

Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich at the fair
OMG. Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich. YUCH.
Fried Klondike bars. Bring it on.

fried food at the fair
Grand Finale: Fried Oreos, fried Twinkies and fried cheesecake.
These are the goodies that the fair is famous for. 

fried oreos at the fair
Close up of the  Fried Oreos, fried Twinkies and fried cheesecake.
Tempting. Not.
The "fair" series continues with Post #2, Furniture at the Fair.


  1. I admit that on the rare occasion that I get forced into a trip to the Texas State Fair, I will give in and get a funnel cake, but the rest of that stuff kinda grosses me out too. I love sweets, but the idea of a fried Twinkie or fried cheesecake is just too much. Maybe because you live in California, you have a few healthy choices like green beans and kebabs. Last time I was at the Texas State Fair, your only choices were heart attack on a stick or heart attack in a paper boat.

    1. Well Dana, I was really at the fair to photograph the furniture and the art but became ENTRANCED with the food. It is so bizarre. I just couldn't stop. Then had to post it. You are right, there is nothing wrong with a funnel cake but the rest is just too much.


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