Sunday, March 25, 2012

hooking electrical to mid-century modern fireplace insert

We were pretty annoyed when we purchased a fireplace insert to heat the front of our house and it got installed with a big black electrical cord hanging out of it, running over to the outlet. We had specified with Wilshire Fireplace Shops that we wanted the fireplace hooked directly to the electricity (electrical starter), but the people sent out for the $400 install from the shop weren't contractors and couldn't take care of the electrical.

See the big black electrical cord to the right? Really?

We contacted Wilshire's recommended contractor and successfully made four appointments with him to fix it. We said we would pay for his time to fix it. He no-showed four times. I finally Googled fireplace inserts in Orange County and found Oakland Custom Fireplaces. I sent in an email and then followed up with a phone call. They had an installer out the next day, and for $400 (cost of a full install) we got the electrical hooked directly to the fireplace in two hours. Both their office manager and installer were perplexed that our fireplace insert was ever installed with the black cord hanging off to the side. They stated that this wasn't "typical." 

No more ugly cord. Surprise regarding mantle coming soon. 
Oakland was also curious if we wanted our fireplace re-faced. They said, "most people prefer to redo this older style." No thank you, we like our mid-century modern stone fireplace.  

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