Sunday, March 11, 2012

avoid remodel rework; check your bathroom parts

When remodeling any space, parts pile up. Plumbing parts, doors, sinks, toilets, hardware and the like. I haven’t really been paying much attention to them, except when they get installed.

construction parts
Parts stacked all over the master bedroom.

Hind sight 20/20, I should have been checking the incoming parts and matching against the plan all along. The other day I walked past the master bath and noticed a round sink sitting in a box on the ground.
Kohler sink
Round sink sitting by master bath ... recently un boxed.
The plan specified a Kohler rectangular sink for the master bath. Urgently I texted the contractor and the tile guy, because I knew, somewhere in a warehouse in Santa Ana, the Ceaserstone was being fabricated for the counter top in the master bath, with a round hole in the center. All was quiet for about thirty minutes. Then the contractor called me, “Nice catch Rebecca.” The tile guy texted me, “We can fix it.”

What potentially would have happened is the tile guy would have installed the smallish round sink (which fits the other two smallish cabinets) and it would have looked a little weird with the big long master bath cabinet, and I would have had major anxiety over making them rip it out and fixing it or just letting it go. I am a lazy remodeler and they know that.

A few weeks ago, I noticed Alex’s bathroom door leaning against his bedroom wall. I examined it closely and saw that it had round sticking versus square sticking.  Square sticking is on all the doors throughout the house, which I picked when I swapped out the cheap 50’s hollow doors for nice T.M. Cobb sold wood doors some years ago. The sticking refers to a fancy rounded edge on door panel, versus plain squared off edges. Our door panels are plain and squared off. I emailed the contractor and within a day or two he told me they had re-ordered the right door and the offending door disappeared. The plan specified the square sticking.

door square sticking
Look closely and note the square sticking.
But, I am noticing this stuff totally randomly. As all these parts started arriving at the house a month or two ago, I should have walked around with the plan and a marker and checked them in. I am the only one who knows how the whole thing is really supposed to look as I chose all the materials with the architect. So I am the only one who knows when parts are laying in front of the wrong bathroom.

mid-century modern bathroom tile
Alex's Bathroom: the tile is complete! Now you can see the pretty cabinet.
plank tile feature wall
Alex's bathroom cabinet again. See the plank tile feature wall on the left?
mid-century modern bathroom cabinet
Master Bath ... very long cabinet and all the tile is complete.
mid-century modern bathroom cabinet
Master bath cabinet again, note the 3 compartment mirror cabinet on top!
I get two, yay! You can see the plank tile better here. It is a light color on purpose
because this bathroom is so small. The Guest Bath will have darker plank tile.
mid-century modern bathroom remodel
Master bath, facing where the toilet *ahem* will go.
construction site mid-century modern bathroom
House is painted, gutters are on and trim is on and painted.
construction site mid-century modern bathroom
Addition from Alex's side.

construction site mid-century modern bathroom
View from corner of house, you can see the 10' off the
fence which was the maximum Newport Beach allowed us to go.

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