Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the great Christmas tree fake debate

Purchasing a fake Christmas tree can be a life altering experience. This feeling is somewhat akin to converting from Blackberry to iPhone or buying your first pair of Christian Louboutin’s. Just like with your iPhone, after going through a Christmas season with your fake tree you’ll think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Here are eight good reasons for you to get a fake Christmas tree:

fake Christmas tree Roger's garden

  1. Size: Mid-Century Modern House equals small house. Our original footprint was 1,600 feet. We have added another 200 feet consisting of laundry room and office, but the original living space is a dining room, living room, kitchen combo. A fake tree can be purchased on a smaller scale. The new slim tree shapes are very scaled down for small rooms and 8 foot ceilings.
  2. Watering: Let me state the obvious, no watering. No forgetting to water. No extra watering chore. No trying to make the kids water. No watering. Period.
  3.  Needles: As an addendum to no watering is the bonus of no falling needles all over the place.
  4. Wood Floors: And if you are in a mid-century modern house, there is a very good chance you have wood floors. Do you really want to risk your wood floors on a Christmas tree?
  5. Arguing: Since you buy the tree once and use many times, you don’t have to engage in the familiar annual repetitious discussion of when to buy the tree, where to buy the tree, how much the tree costs and how big to get the tree, not to mention, why did you buy THAT tree.
  6. Lights: The lights on the new fake trees are MAGNIFICENT! The tree is pre-hung perfectly with every limb covered in beautiful tiny white lights. See number five “No Arguing.”
  7. Convenience: Your fake tree stores conveniently in a compact space and pops out if its box perky and ready to go, just as darn early as you want to put it up. No driving to the lot, putting it on the car, taking it home, chopping off the bottom, getting it in the stand and then dragging it into the house.
  8. Pets: We have two cats who LOVE the Christmas tree. With a fake tree, they no longer drink from and play in the toxic tree water (see number four “wood floors” above). They are happy just hanging out with the tree. “It’s here again! Why did they take it away from us,” they whisper to each other.

Jack & Annie under the tree

Annie hiding

The only reasonable argument I have heard for a real tree is the fresh pine smell. This can easily be solved with candles. I buy mine from CandlEssence on Balboa Island www.cecandles.com. Their candles are hand-made in the store and fill every room in our house with the scent of fresh pine and peppermint. 

CandlEssence Candles

We got our fake Christmas tree on sale at Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar www.rogersgardens.com. So it only cost half of a small fortune. If you haven’t been to Roger’s at Christmastime, put it on your list. It is an inspiring, glorious and over whelming tribute to Christmas every year.

Our 7 ½ foot Barcana Slim Dakota Pine Tree fits neatly into our scaled down house. And because of this fake tree, our Christmas goes just a little bit smoother.

Far away with a filter. This was Christmas morning.

Barcana Slim Pine Christmas Tree 7 1/2 feet

Up close, take a look! Not too fakey.

Barcana Slim Pine Christmas Tree 7 1/2 feet
Barcana Slim Pine 7 1/2 feet

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  1. Love this post! Great! :) P.S....I just picked up one of those silver MCM trees for the "formal" dining room. Can't wait to see that baby pop out of the box!

    1. Cool on the silver tree. I was SOOOO tempted. Lucky.


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