Thursday, May 1, 2014

mid-century modern home tour ... psst it's an eichler

Okay, okay. Just one more.

I go a little bonkers for Eichlers.

My Eichler friends  Kelly, Steve, and Alex invited me to another sneak peek of a home prior to its listing. It's nice because I get the whole house to myself to take pictures, without lots of people to crop out.

Tour? I thought you'd never ask. So many original details, plus impeccable decorating are the perfect combo. Not to mention the perfect Fairmeadow Orange location. I found a posting of the original Fairmeadow Tract Brochure.

Check out the light fixture.

And the original doorbell and mail slot. All from 1962. A very good year. **ahem**

First the atrium which is what I really admire about Eichlers. The vision to build the home around a windowed courtyard was so out there in 1955. And people who bought these homes had to be a little ahead of their time as well.

The atrium's main entry is to the living room. The interior design is SPOT ON.

Adjacent to the living room is the dining room. Are you catching all the original globe light fixtures? And period accurate linoleum flooring, with radiant heat?

It takes a bold, bold woman to purchase a yellow dining room table. BUT to what affect! Cheery AND sophisticated. You try that.

Love the modern round porthole mirrors in the photo above. I was told they are from Ikea a few years ago. They give the illusion that they are real holes through the room divider (original paneling BTW). Clever trick.

All the switches in the house are original. The little button below is to buzz people in your front door. Cause you were super busy shaking your martinis.

Now the family room.

Sharing space with a trim and efficient galley kitchen.

Kelly tells me in Eichler's this was the "hobby room."  Current owners are using it to quarentine the toys. Since the hobby room is right off the kitchen, Mom and Dad can keep an eye while sipping their glasses of wine.

And admiring their collection of old mostly Jackson albums.

Before we get too distracted... let's check out the master, which shares the back wall of the home and sliders out to the patio. The grey paint and the rust orange carpet are right on. The gold crushed velvet chair adds just the right touch of retro without being too too much.

Rebecca working on tricky mirror pictures.

Another tricky mirror picture into the bathroom.

I have been looking for a metal sculpture for over our bed. This white enamel one is nice.

A shot of the bathroom and out the hall.

And the bathroom parting shot. No big deal which is typical Eichler. This one has appropriate finishes and is very tasteful.

Down the hall to two more bedrooms, and a study/bedroom. If you have been keeping track: four bedrooms, a hobby room, a family room, a dining room and a living room! Our house is sadly lacking.

Adorable little girl's room. Nice use of orange and pink.

And super cute little boy's room. GREEN!!!!

Nice staging.

Saved the best for last. Check out this COOL atrium office. I am moving in. Tomorrow.

Is that a Planet of the Apes picture? Maybe.

And I am told the wallpaper is ORIGINAL! AWESOME!


AND a roomy backyard!

This photo shows the sexy curves of the roof. And the six foot overhangs -- the better to keep you cool in the summer.

Speaking of summer... we are having a heatwave. Orange is a few more miles inland from where I live. Toasty.

Love the paver patio.

This lava rock fire pit is a perfect feature.

Heading out, I noticed the sailcloth shade cover in the courtyard. So nice to keep the heat down.

And, I am on my way. That's a dutch door in the entryway. Rarely done in Eichler's. But I like.

Thanks again to my friends over at EichlerSoCal for letting me sneak in ahead of the crowds. I like my alone time with the Eichlers.

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  1. This house reminds me of Mary Poppins--what did she say about herself, "Practically perfect in every respect!"

  2. Great tour Rebecca! Love this model. Nice mix of original features and tasteful decor. More like this please! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing - I am a fan of that office area going right against the glass. Gives the feel of sitting outside.

    Also - I put your blog on my house blog's link list. I chronicle the work on my mid-century house over there and it's called The House on Rynkus Hill, if you were so inclined to reciprocate. :D

  4. I want this house. I want this house. Seriously. Could it be any more perfect? Maybe with a kidney shaped pool somewhere...

    1. Yes, the only thing it is missing is the pool, but they have that massive yard. So easy to add.

  5. this looks a lot like many of the houses in Palo Alto (where i'd much rather live than LA!). personally i love the lines of this style, though it can look a little on the cheap/flimsy side in terms of the house construction.


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