Thursday, July 18, 2013

#dwell home tours: h house, richard banta, glendale

Doubling back a little bit. I have a few houses still to show from the Dwell Home Tour in June. I'll just pick off a few of my favorites, the more unusual homes.

Only in California do they build on essentially unbuildable land. But here you have it. A 1,300-square-foot-1962 home on stilts in Glendale. And yes, Glendale does get earthquakes. And there have been a few substantial ones since 1962.

The architect is Richard Banta (1925-2007), AIA, who was active in the mid-century design era, and is an alumnus of several prominent local architecture firms. The tour brochure mentions that the latest owner was attracted to the home because it was a rare near-to-original showpiece of the architect's work.

Here are the Instagram pictures first. I love iPhone photography because it forces you to really focus on a feature. Kind of artsy fartsy, as it were.

The view. No wonder they bought it.

Cool outdoor set. Knoll Petal Table.

I saw this Modfire outdoor fireplace at the Dwell on Design show a month ago.

Dang, ghost in the window again.

The living room has a very sixties shag. And a chartreuse chair (um of course I love it).

In the bedroom was an actual stereo playing actual records! Nice touch.

House was staged with period vignettes.

Very sixties flavor.

Cool Lucite coffee table.

And the circular pavers in front of the house were a pretty touch and unexpected with such a modern, angular home.

The home was feature in Curbed LA when it was first listed at $599K. Zillow indicates it sold in 2011 for $565K and it is a two bedroom and one bath house.

Now for basic room pictures so you can get more of a feel for the place.

Here is the front and the top of the "H."

The patio is really the absolute best part.

The patio awning wraps around. If that makes any sense. This is the other side of the "H."

Kitchen has been done in the standard stuff. Can I be a tiny bit critical? Thanks. I am getting sort of tired of this look. Counters are Blizzard White Caesarstone which is what we used in our bathroom. I see it so much in all the contemporary homes that I am kind of re-thinking my choices as I was going to use it in our kitchen as well.

Utterly groovy living room. Don't you think?

 Yay for Eames. Luv the pairing of these two simple beauties.

Views from nearly every room in the house. You have to appreciate that. I would like to visit this home at night. I bet it feels very Mad Men.

Simple bathroom remodel.

Plain bedroom. Louver windows are so typical in Southern California. They are utterly ridiculous as they let both cold air and hot air in. Take your pick. But very vintage and authentic.

Nice little treehouse, huh? I bet the new owner is really happy, perched so high above Glendale in a classic, and virtually untouched mid-century modern.

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  1. I love the houses you share with us. The secon one is my favorite. The sofas are a design classical from Germany and I love them. Dreamy patio and wonderful view...

    1. Hi Ria! That is an interesting fact about the sofa. The patio is absolutely dreamy... I can imagine myself at sunset (it faces sort of West I think), sitting out there, watching the lights come up around the valley. So peaceful.

  2. I've been on a quest for an outdoor fireplace for weeks. That one will do nicely!

    We have one in the store, but Joe says the front part is too low for the boys to roast marshmallows. This one looks perfect for that.

    1. Dana, I am a bit stuck on the Modfire too. It is either that or the Preway. There is an avocado green on ebay right now (they don't ship). The advantage of ModFire is it is brand new and set up properly for gas.

  3. You know what? I'm totally saving this post for inspiration in my home and renos. I have to say I love how COMFY the take on MCM is here. Check out those couches? It's a total conversation lounge. Too comfy to leave...if it weren't for that porch. And the Modfire? I have been dreaming about that since you went to the Dwell on Design thing. Love this house. (Totally agree on the kitchen though. Not enough spunk/personality there for me. Too sterile.)

    1. Yay Brooke!!! I know it is right up your ally. My sense is you tend a little towards the comfy groovy. Perfect for little ones as well. You could absolutely lay around, watch a movie, spill the popcorn and not get stressed out.

  4. Groovy indeed! I DO remember the shag carpeting that one fluffed up with a rake.

    1. Ah yes. Raking the shag rug. Such pleasant memories.

  5. I love this house Rebecca. I love that it hasn't been overly styled and those pops of lime green. As Brooke says, it's a comfortable home - it looks like people actually live in it. Lots of nice stuff, but it doesn't have that pretentious stuck up feeling about it. I love the stereo speaker (next to those Eames)

    1. You are right. They didn't go too far. There is plenty of the good stuff but not crazy, crazy over the top.


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