Wednesday, December 5, 2012

xcape: vintage modern design in long beach

My wanderings down 4th Street in Long Beach (a veritable retro paradise) on Shop Local Day got briefly interrupted for Christmas. Not to worry. We are back on track.

Can you say more high end vintage furniture then you have ever laid eyes on in one store? Sure you can.

Mid-Century Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

2236 East 4th Street
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 433-9911

Rebecca's 5 Point Rating Scale (1-not-so-great and 5-fabulous):
  • Store Size / Inventory - 5 (Decent size store with an excellent variety of inventory, really focused on furniture for the most part.)
  • Merchandise Quality  - 5 (High end, high quality and sometimes rare furniture.)
  • Organization - 4 (Look around closely while shopping. It was only after I went back and examined my pictures that I did indeed realize what prizes were sitting tucked in all the nooks and crannies.)
  • Pricing - 2-3 (Pretty darn high.)
  • Service - 3 (There was staff and I assume they were nice people. But, not to be painful, you can see how many pictures I took  inside this store. You would think someone would say, "Um, what are you doing?" And for the most part, I was the only one in the store.)
Total Rating is 4 (out of 5 stars)

Link to Yelp Reviews

My oh my, what do we have here? A wall of Danish room dividers?

I bought my mom this shell (in pink) for about $30 in a thrift store. Times that price by ten for Xcape. Yes, I know I got a good deal.

My mom had this VERY Saarinen dining room set. Exactly like this except orange seat cushions. You can find many of the furniture pieces in the photos at, with pricing (if you are searching in the recent time frame of this post).

But irony of ironies. I spotted behind the dining set on a shelf, this Italian canister set which my mom also had.

Xcape has a good quantity of high quality glass and pottery. Very nice pieces.

What I really loved was the extensive collection of metal brutalist wall hangings. You just don't see this many, grouped together in one place.

This is a "multi-layer nail sculpture." Fabulous

The owners have a great eye.

Yum. What is not to love?

What I kind of dig about this picture is all the mid-century modern furniture captured in the mirrors. Also, a bit of a brutalist design.

The furniture just goes on for days.

These bent wood chairs are so delicate.

These Lucite bar stools appear to be attractive and comfortable. I looked around for two more because I was very tempted. But to no avail.

The ceramic handles on this dresser are beautiful. And the woodwork is detailed as well. I wonder if Dana knows what this is?

See what I mean about stuff tucked in every nook and cranny? This is a Heywood-Wakefield Sculptura dresser. I almost didn't spot it. Beautiful finish.

 Couple of mid-century beauties.

 This is an American of Martinsville Mid-Century dresser. Xcape also had matching nightstands. Can you see the cool little x's on the top in the second picture?

Sweet little Saarinen tulip end table.

Lovely little Danish mid-century modern sofa with a tight desk perched above it.

Tendo Mokko Co. vintage rocker. Excellent condition white upholstery. The mushroom lamp and another vintage wall hanging in the background are equally enchanting.

Perfect retro lamp for over your kitchen table.

I was very impressed with Xcape's furniture selection. I was in such a hurry on my accidental 4th Street adventure that I didn't appreciate what I was looking at. I had no idea that retro was so accessible just 25 short miles North of me. I'll be back.

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  1. Hey Rebecca! My husband and I were there two weeks ago looking at the shops on 4th. (We went to see your recommendation from a couple posts ago)What a gold mine for mid-century modern! I'm in the market for a tulip table and chairs....did you know that set with the teal cushions is $2500? Holy cow. But it's to die for, isn't it? Love love love that shop for the eye candy.

    1. Brooke, I hope you saw Dana's comment below. She is the one I would ask. I think it is a lot, but reasonable in a weird way. I am really wondering how much my mom paid for hers. I'll have to ask my dad. We were young and they seriously did not have a ton of money.

  2. Wow...beautiful store! Their inventory is very, very nice. So far, I'm stumped by the chest of drawers, but I'm in love with the pulls, so I'm still trying to find out who designed/manufactured the piece.

    In response to Brooke's comment, I think $2500 for that Saarinen tulip set is a great price for your area. We just sold a Saarinen tulip table and four chairs for $2000, and the chairs all needed to be reupholstered. Our table was larger, and our original price for the set had been $2450, but the buyer was a repeat customer, so my SIL cut her a good deal. Considering that we're in Dallas where things are generally a lot less expensive than in California, Xcape's price is pretty low.

    1. Good feedback Dana. I was curious what you would say. I will call them and ask about the dresser. I looked while I was there but didn't see any markings.

  3. Many of the pieces you photographed made me drool. I spotted glassware that looked like Fostoria from Ohio? We once drove to their seconds store in Southern Ohio. Nirvana!

    1. Hey Donna! I don't know on the glassware. This weekend they will are having a Christmas Open House up and down 4th Street. Wanna go?

  4. Oh my goodness, so much gorgeousness in one place! I'm almost glad I don't live near that temptress of a shop, it would be painful to walk past it! I'm totally in love with the two metal pieces below the nail sculpture, any idea about their origin? Great blog:-)

    1. Isn't it something? While I was in the store, I truly didn't realize what was going on as I was snapping before closing time. And then when I inspected the pictures closely later, I was like... OMG. What a lot of nice stuff.


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