Thursday, August 30, 2012

phone charging challenges be gone

Do you struggle with the mass of cords and chargers cluttering up your kitchen counter or a favorite desktop? Do the cries of, "where's the charger," ring throughout your home? It seems, we all universally grapple with the daily charging of the one to two devices per household family member. Over the years I have tried a number of solutions. Including, you guessed it, a Pottery Barn cell phone charging station.

Pottery Barn charging station
Pottery Barn charging station (seriously?)

Pottery Barn charging station
Kind of destroys the whole look, right?

Now, you already know that I have been on a quest to purge our mid-century modern of all Pottery Barn. How did I overlook this little beauty? Blech. I thought I would check out BlueLounge for something a little sleeker and more modern in the charging station categorys after the success I had previously when I wanted to purge our home of unsightly cables. Check out the Refresh from BlueLounge:

Refresh by BlueLounge
Refresh by BlueLounge

This device is very cool. Not only does it have a tiny footprint (under 10" by 6"), but it stores inside its base a number of adapters and plugs. And it comes in both white and black. The two "i" adapters actually work with all the "i" stuff. Those of you who have tried to buy off label "i" adapters may have learned the hard way that non-Apple doesn't  always charge Steve Job's (may he rest in peace) babies. Says BlueLounge's marketeers,
Refresh is a personal or shared charging station for three or more devices. Compact in size and compatible with most of the new devices hitting the market today, it can charge two iPod/iPhones simultaneously while also charging a Blackberry and a bluetooth headset for instance. In fact, using the two iPod connectors and two of your own iPod cords, you could even charge four iPod/iPhones at the same time. Perfect for the whole family!

BlueLounge Refresh Charging Station
BlueLounge Refresh

BlueLounge Refresh Charging Station
Ahhhh. All better.
BlueLounge Refresh
So flat and compact! But still protects the furniture.
And keeps everything neat and tidy.

You can get the BlueLounge Refresh on for $80 or so. It is not cheap. But, an iPhone charger runs about $40 and the BlueLounge Refresh comes with two iPhone chargers plus much more.

BlueLounge has NOT sponsored this message. I really think their products are great!)

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