Monday, August 13, 2012

modern and ancient art in vegas

Art in Vegas? Most people think of Vegas of the land of the over done, over sexed, rhinestone studded spectacle. Kind of like the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, including the super good looking athletes.
Closing ceremony from

But, if you look hard, Vegas has art, and is inspiring in its gigantic, over-done insane way. On our recent family trek across the desert, we stopped in Vegas, just to understand how 110 degree temperatures interfere with electronics, automobiles and human cognitive processes. I had a chance to snap these views from an iPhone 4S (iPhone pictures give any standard digital camera a run for its money).

Mastro's Las Vegas
Trippy Mastro's Ocean Club Restaurant at CrystalCityCenter in Vegas.
If this isn't modern, I don't know what is.

Mastro's Las Vegas
Mastro's on the Strip. This wooden sculpture restaurant goes up about 3 or 4 stories.

The iPhone really doesn't do justice to the millions of crystals at the Cosmopolitan.

Elaborate Crystal's at Cosmopolitan
Large amazing crystal lighted sculpture at the Cosmopolitan.

Pink crystals everywhere at the Cosmopolitan
Crystal's... millions of Crystals.

Pink crystals everywhere at the Cosmopolitan
Pink is a great color for crystals.

stained glass ceiling in Vegas
Amazing ceiling stained glass at Cosmopolitan (i think)

The grand daddy of all "art" and glass in Vegas for me absolutely is Bellagio. Dale Chihuly does all the glass art installations at Bellagio. He work is colorful, intricate and amazing. 

Dale Chihuly ceiling at Bellagio
The entrance towards check-in as you come in.

I love the garden conservatory and all the wondrous displays of flowers, sculptures and glass.

Glass fountain sphere at Bellagio in the Conservatory
Glass fountain sphere at Bellagio in the Conservatory, gives
the illusion of floating among the Hydrangeas (favorite flower).

My love for green glass is well known, and documented in a recent lighting post.

Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture
More Dale Chihuly Glass. I think you could have this for like $7K.
I love the green of course.

You can price out Chihuly on eBay for yourself. Too beautiful.

Dale Chihuly blue glass sculpture at Bellagio
Dale Chihuly Glass sticks outside his store at the Bellagio.

And if this isn't art in Vegas, I don't know what is: a floral interpretation of  Monet’s "Cap Martin, Near Menton," comprised of 1,000 flowers. Located in the Giardini corner, the recreated painting is fitted within a 6-foot tall elaborately carved frame. 

Monet’s "Cap Martin, Near Menton" at Bellagio
Monet’s "Cape Martin, Near Menton,"

I kind of liked the display by Luis Vuitton on the way out of the Bellagio.

Luis Vuitton window display at the Bellagio
Luis Vuitton. What is it? Kind of a red and white octipussy thing.

Ahh Caesars Palace. Now for a taste of ancient Rome.

Roman guardian. But there are Vegas "parts." Ahem.
Roman guardian. But there are Vegas "parts." Ahem.

Ceasers Palace statue.
And another Caesars Palace statue. You can't see the winged Venus in the back.

I love this giant lady column in The Forum Shops.

Caesars Palace Statue
Giant goddess column a story and a half high.

I think this reproduction of the Trevi Fountain in Rome is actually pretty good.

Trevi Fountain Caesars Palace
This looks different than Rome, but not bad.

And, the Venetian. Venice may be sinking but the Venetian Las Vegas is forever.

Live or Memorex? The Venice sky at night in the Vegas version of the
Piazza San Marco.
Art can be found in the most unusual of places.

Next we discover a little mid-century modern at the Grand Canyon.


  1. I absolutely love Dale Chihuly's work. It's truly amazing. And I love Louis Vuitton too! :)

    1. Dana, I adore Chihuly's work as well and really desire to own. I'll have to keep checking those ebay listings. Louis not so bad either.

  2. There's also a few great mid-mod neighborhoods here in Vegas... I live in one of them!

    1. I have heard! I need to check them out. I think there is a Vegas mid-century home tour...


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