Wednesday, November 13, 2013

pre-thanksgiving day sale at bauer pottery

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Extra special pre-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas sale if you happen to be in the hood. AND, Bauer is taking an extra 10% off the already discounted seconds pricing. What's not to like?

Bauer Company Showroom Sale
Saturday, November 23, 201
10am - 5pm
 3051 Rosslyn St., Los Angeles, CA 90065

My weakness for Bauer is well know. I bared my soul at the behest of my Australian bloggie friends. Which ultimately led to this trip to the Bauer Pottery Showroom

I died and went to Bauer heaven. The new Bauer has taken the best of the old Bauer, added additional colors and extra shapes, and voila! Happiness in multiple colors.

If you have a mid-century modernist on your shopping list, please consider an expedition (hint hint). 

General Showroom Sale information or call (818) 500-0666.

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  1. Those pitchers are the bomb. I'd like a white one, and a green one, oh, and a turquoise one...

  2. The minute I saw the title, I figured you were posting from your phone as you drove to the sale. haha I'd love to have one of those big ribbed bowls in white!

  3. The colors are luscious. It would be fun to have all my pots on our balcony in Bauer colors. Then we would have to repaint the house. One thing just leads to another, sadly.


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