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#pasadena modern tour: zook house, 1950, harold b. zook, architect

And so, all good things must come to an end. I bring you, the very last home I saw on the Pasadena Heritage 1940 Forward Modern House Tour. (You can see all six homes here.) The last home is a true and classic mid-century modern.

The brochure calls it "an excellent example of the International Modern style." I call it one tall drink of water.

Let me set the stage first. If you have been following along on the prior five Pasadena home tours, you know this is where I give the disclaimer about my camera. See, I was so excited about this excellent modern home tour (seriously), that I forgot the most important rule of photography: "Check and double check your camera settings during a long shoot." Please pardon the photo quality. The worst (and unfortunately the best) pictures have been removed.

Photo by James Staub
Chartreuse eaves? Or would you call these edging strips? No matter, I love them. I am going to have to find new ways of saying "love" for this post.

This is the third orange door of the tour I do believe!

This home was originally built by the the architect Harold B. Zook as his family's residence. See his wife in the doorway?

The house has stunning 180 degree views.

And a pool worthy of Palm Springs. Speaking of which, Zook began his architecture career working for Clark & Frey of Palm Springs. I think they had an influence.

This living room that juts out next to the pool is divine.

Quick dalliance before we go onto the interior. In looking up Harold B. Zook, I first stumbled upon Harold R. Zook who was the architect of this home's father. The senior Zook was an architect as well. He was from all over my parent's old stomping grounds in Indiana including Fort Wayne and Valparaiso, which threw me off. Then I stumbled on the fact that Harold B. Zook moved to Corona del Mar, CA in 1960 and supposedly still lives there today. Which is my home town. I'll have to keep an eye out for him. Where am I heading with all this? I think we are related. By geography, in two ways.

The fireplace brick is so traditional mid-century modern.

And this beautiful interior room. Straight out of a magazine shoot.

Says the tour brochure:
Relatively unaltered since it was first built, the Zook house was designated a Pasadena Historic Landmark in 2011. Five other houses along Mesita Road, all designed by Zook between 1948 and 19587, have been found eligible for listing as a district on the National Register of Historic Places.
I wonder what "eligible for listing as a district" means?

 The fireplace again.

This fish tank is built over an interior planter which leaked.

Can you see the big monkey picture on the back wall in the dining room? There were monkeys all over this house. I think the current owners are BIG monkey fans. I wonder why?

Another shot of the dining room.

Clearer picture of the stunning aquarium.

Unusual fixture.

Lots and lots of vintage lighting in this home. Or vintage-like.

Parting shot of the living room. I was trans-fixed by it.

Who does their kitchen cabinets in orange and chartreuse? Someone with big giant decorating kahoonas. I admire these kitchen color choices. I kind of wonder if they are original. Too gutsy for back in the day?

And the cork floor! So soft to walk on.

Charming kitchen dinette set.

Researching Zook, I stumbled upon this internet book of many of his homes. Zook put the book together himself and it is for sale. Pretty cool.

Beautiful vintage bathroom.

Master bedroom. The shades on this window are exactly what we just purchased and had installed in our giant bathroom window. Post about this upcoming soon.

Cozy little fireplace in the master off the pool, with the slider opening to the spectacular view.

Very original closets. With the chartreuse accents again. Love it.

I hardly take pictures of laundry rooms, but this one was especially roomy and delightful.

Nook in an office area.

Remodeled bathroom with bright blue mosaic tile.

Cute little owl towels.

Functional office with view off the front of the house.

More mosaic tile bathrooms. Zillow says this 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom 2,536 square-foot house with the gorgeous view sold for $1.050M in 2010. Another awesome buy, honestly.

The bath tile makes me a tiny bit dizzy, frankly. Or is it the wide-angle lens with a slightly fuzzy focus?

Lovely bedroom.

Can you see the monkeys in this picture?

Fantastic outdoor patio with excellent sun shade. This patio is west facing and gets a ton of super hot sun.

And the fabulous pool/view yet again.


Incredible desert landscaping.

This is the best gate I have ever seen. Ever.

It is true. I love this house. Everything about it is just purr-fectly done.

And this brings us to the end of the Pasadena 1949 Forward Tour from Pasadena Heritage. This was a fantastic tour. You should sign up for updates, so you don't miss it next year. But triple check your camera.

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  1. I am sad the tour is over! So enjoyed your blog. Thanks

    1. Oh... there are always more home tours. Back in June with the big Dwell LA home tours.

  2. I am absolutely crazy about all the orange and chartreuse! You're right about that gate. Best. Ever. And all the great cabinetry and light fixtures. I'm in love.

  3. Is the gate a rolling driveway gate? It's really a work of art. Also was taken with the home and view--and, of course, the Indiana connection.

    1. The gate is rolling, probably operated on a garage door opener. I was sort of surprised by the strange imaginary connections. Especially Zook living in CDM. I found his house online (oddly easy). It is not mid-century but it is big and off of a canyon.


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