Sunday, October 13, 2013

dwell city modern manhattan: family style 14th street loft

Lucky me! I got to go to Dwell's City Modern Manhattan Home Tour and take a look at how sophisticated city dwellers live. The first house we toured was a converted Con-Edison switching station with a hipster industrial vibe. The next home was just as cool, but it had a distinctly family feel and was a tiny bit more practical.

This may be my favorite feature of the whole house. And, not really kidding. A shoe cubby by the front door, wouldn't you just die?

This is what it looks like immediately inside our front door. Many typical mid-century modern homes lack a formal entry way. You just kinda step right into the house. Such is the case with ours. Thus, no closet and no spot for cool shoe cubbies. **sigh**

But I digress. Our next tour took us pretty near the Flatiron District. We went into a proper NYC apartment building.

After entering past the shoes, we were immediately greeted with a fabulous chef's kitchen. The tour docents on the left in the black shirts are standing near the entryway and you can see the shoe cubby just behind the girl.

The kitchen had a few features that I was super interested in as I am mulling over a kitchen remodel. First of all, I loved the way they treated the kitchen flooring. Can you see that there is tile in the immediate kitchen, but the wood floor extends on the walkways past the cooking section of the kitchen on either side? There is a thin line of metal as the demarcation point between the wood floor and the tile. I hate putting a wood floor in the kitchen so this is a nice solve.

Eight burner stove. Pretty amazing. This kitchen was created from an aparatmenet that was next door to the original main apartment. Going through I had no idea it was two units and couldn't tell where the transition was.

I know, this seems boring, but I also like the way this challenge was solved and very much our situation. A wall of refrigeration and appliances to the left of the range and counter tops. I like.

Cool lighting fixture. Copper and very custom looking.

Expansive bright main living area. Love the arched windows.

The dining room table is also custom made and has a slate or stone inlay for placing warm and damp dishes on top. What a brilliant idea!

Another view of the living area. This home abounded with built in storage. Very clever and I was highly jealous.

Now for the bedrooms. Down the hall past built in display shelving.

First a couple of kids rooms. A too cute little girls room. Who wouldn't love to have this bed up the stairs with hidden storage underneath?

And a cool boys room down a  magnetic board hall.

Tidy mid-century modern students desk.

The master is calling! Nothing flashy. Extremely practical with TONS of built in storage.

And a practical master bath. The trough sink is pretty special.

Kids bath has some practical touches with the double sinks and large storage cabinet.

And the splash of green tile in the toilet area.

Now for the surprise!!! I headed up some stairs really curious what could possibly be above what seems to be a NYC apartment. Oh my.

A solarium family room!! This really makes this home so cool and special. What a great work space.

Built ins for days. Including the sofa.

And stairs out to the roof.

 What a cool retreat.

Must be ever so cozy on cold winter nights tucked up in your hideaway Manhattan rooftop solarium.

On the way back down the stairs I noticed the stairwell was fairly open and let a ton of natural light into the apartment below. Most likely by clever design.

Really comfortable space. Any family would be at home here, but still sophisticated with plenty of room for entertaining. Architect was Robert Luntz and Joe Tanney of Resolution: 4 Architecture.

One more to show you plus a special treat... a Manhattan artist studio dedicated to unique wall design.

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  1. This one is absolutely amazing from the minute you walk in till you find that solarium. Why doesn't every table have built-in tile for hot dishes? And why doesn't every house have that much storage space? And coolness. I love it!

    1. Really great design and incredibly well thought out. We have a craftsman coffee table with tile on top. It doesn't quite go with the house, but it is sure practical. I'll never get rid of it.

  2. Very very cool. But, um, real kids live there? Truly?

    1. Kids really live there. Small ones by the look of it. I saw real signs of them everywhere. Lucky kids for sure.

  3. All is pretty nice, and great built-in storage and space (and that huge sectional!). Only issues - seems spartan in the master bedroom...the master bath really needs to enclose the toilet for privacy, looks. The latter since this is probably at a price tag beyond all I'll ever own, combined!

    Can't wait to see your other post(s).

    1. Hello!!! Loved this space for sure. Speaking to enclosing toilets... we have never been able to pull that off in our house and just recently built one bathroom and remodeled two others. No space! At the end of the day this is an apartment and I imagine they had to use every square inch extremely judiciously.

  4. Great piece! Love some of the ideas that post sparked.

    1. Thanks! I really got a lot out of this particular home.

  5. Ah storage!
    We live in an old 1920's shop as you know Rebecca, it came with lots of things when we bought it: holes in the floor, missing windows, rising damp, and absolutely no storage! We have just paid (don't faint - it's how much 'bespoke'(ha!) things cost here) $7000 for a built-in wardrobe, made of ply(!) for our bedroom. I know, crikey Moses!

  6. It would be SO FUN to tour those places! I'm still dying over that copper fixture.


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